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 we are young heartache to heartache we stand,no promises
we are young heartache to heartache we stand,no promises
Ok so I like this movie as its sweet and very funny. Jennifer Garner was funny and great in this movie along with Mark Ruffalo . So here is an Статья on my favourite scenes.

The Thriller scene: I found this one hilarious because they were doing the steps to the song Thriller which is sung by the late Michael Jackson.
I like the part where Jenna says to Matt ‘Oh for the Любовь of Pete’.

The Slumber Scene: This was another hilarious moment in the movie where Jenna and the teenage girls are Пение Любовь is a Battlefield. What really made this scene funny was that she was telling the girls that...
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posted by LisaForde
Ok I saw this last night although I do own it on DVD and here is my little synopis on it.

A 13 yr old girl named Jenna Rink(Christina B Allen) hates her life as she has no Друзья despite the fact she is Друзья with a guy named Matt Flamhaff who loves taking фото makes a wish on her birthday as she is in a closet where she has her doll house that Matt got her for her b-day along with magic wishing dust to become 30 flirty and thriving. Miracally the Далее день she wakes up in an apartment in New York city as a 30 yr old version of herself(Jennifer Garner). Adult Jenna may have the best career...
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posted by BigSis35
I am watching this right now,I never wanted to watch it and I watched it yesterday and now it is my Избранное movie and I had to watch it again! Anyone who has never watch this, try it out. It's crazy, funny and sweet. Just perfect, and I Любовь the songs Jessie's Girl, and Любовь is a Battlefield. Also Thriller by the late Micheal, a true legend to pop music, so glad they added it in the movie. The scenes were funny, touching and important, and the charaters are well-played, lively and real. Man this is a good movie with great songs and a great message; cherish your life, what comes out of it, and who Ты truly are. Любовь the movie! Please watch <3