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"All right, everyone! We have arrived at your first destination." Exclaimed the bus driver as they stopped near the Cavern Club. The Beatles, Rosie, and Nicholas woke up feeling fully rested from their nap. They then got off the bus and collected their instruments and other stuff. John said, "Since it's only 6:30 in the evening, let's set our instruments up in the basement stage first. Then, we'll have a soda break and explore the nearby area for a while." Rosie replied, "Okie dokie. Sounds good." And that's just what they did. Afterwards, they returned to the Club at around ten минуты before the концерт was due to start at 8:00 pm.

The Beatles, Rosie, and Nicholas had been enjoying their ride as the bus traveled through the expressway. They also started munching on the tuna sandwiches which George had fixed for them. Rosie said, "This is a good change of pace from riding the train." Nicholas replied, "I think so, too, love. It's very relaxing as well." Ringo added, "It certainly is, and these sandwiches are really tasty! Thanks for making them, Georgie!" George smiled and replied, "You're veddy welcome, me mates! I am impressed." After finishing their food, everyone continued to relax and admire the passing sceneries. Then, they decided to take a nap until they arrive at their first tour stop.

The awaited день has finally arrived. The Beatles, Rosie, and Nicholas were just about ready to kick off their tour as they finished packing up their things and instruments. By the time the luggage compartment of their bus started to close, John remarked, "Well, that's everything, mates!" Rosie added, "Certainly! We are all set." Nicholas chirped in, "Indeed! And Timothy's coming with us, too!" Paul replied, "That's right!" The ever-energetic терьер wagged his tail and barked excitedly. On the other hand, Zack, the Geordie twins, and Bridget decided to stay in the dorm so that they could take care of it. Everyone shared a big group hug before boarding the bus. Scruffy said, "Have a great tour, my friends! Remember to keep in touch." George replied, "Thank you! We definitely will." With that, the door closed and the tour officially started. The group's first концерт will take place at Liverpool's Cavern Club, and Nicholas's parents will be there as well.

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Hello, my friends. I just thought I'd share with Ты all what's happening in my country recently.

For those who are curious about the title, a crater lake вулкан by the name of Taal located in the Batangas region here in the Philippines has been Актёрское искусство up since yesterday and as of right now, its status has risen to alert level 4. Because of this, those who are living near the volcano's vicinity have been evacuated, and flights and classes have been cancelled/suspended. There's also an ongoing ash fall where I live and in many other areas. Anyways, please keep my country in your thoughts. I'm hoping that this will pass soon. And don't worry, I'm going to be all right.

Peace and love,
~Kelly 🌟🌟🌟
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Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to the 2020's! The following is going to be my first ever blog for this brand new год and decade. So, without further ado, here it goes...

The 2010's were quite an interesting decade for me overall. All throughout, I had plenty of magnificent trips to many countries and cities in Europe, North America, and Asia. I also started using the internet еще often, and for the first few years, I played on Neopets and Webkinz before eventually moving on to Fanpop in 2013. This is where I met and made my current group of friends, and I've been very close with them ever...
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The six Друзья got up at around 9:00 in the morning on Рождество day. The Geordie twins and Zack turned the radio on while Rosie, Nicholas, and Bridget started cooking their Еда for the feast. After five minutes, the Beatles delivered their Рождество message. Paul opened it by saying, "Greetings, Beatle people! Now, as Ты might remember last year, I mentioned the possibility of me mates and I going on a new tour around the country. Well, I have some fantastic news. This is finally becoming a reality! So, if Ты haven't bought your tickets yet, I suggest Ты do so now before they are all...
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On the день before the Рождество message is set to be delivered, the six Друзья and the Beatles decided to go to Westfield mall in Shepherd's куст, буш to buy the Еда for their Рождество feast. As they were getting ready, Nicholas сказал(-а) to the others, "Hey, mates, I haven't told Ты the reason why I was sad, have I?" Rosie replied, "Not yet. Please tell us about it, buddy." Nicholas responded, "All right. So, the only reason I was sad was because I just missed my parents. I haven't talked with them again since they came here to visit us last Christmas." Rosie placed a hand on his shoulder and said,...
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With Nicholas smiling again, the group happily continued on with their plan. As they walked, they saw a band performing Рождество songs. They were so mesmerized by the melody that Ringo took out his trumpet and started playing along with them. This resulted in a very harmonious performance, and it even attracted a bigger crowd of those passing by. After the mini Показать ended, Nicholas remarked, "That was bloody marvelous! I'm feeling much better now. Thank you!" Ringo replied, "You're welcome! We're glad you're feeling better, mate." "I'm glad, too." сказал(-а) Nicholas.

The following day, the six Друзья and the Beatles started their plan to help cheer Nicholas up. First, they decided to tackle the giant Рождество maze in Hyde Park. This maze was free to enter, and everyone had a blast walking around it. They also took plenty of фото with the festive displays and explored an ice hotel. Rosie remarked, "That was amazing, mates!" John replied, "It certainly is!" The group then proceeded to eat lunch at a nearby restaurant. As they ate, Nicholas started to smile again. The others smiled in return.

Kelly, I know that it is your birthday, and I thought about leaving an image on your Фан club, but this year, I decided to do something a little different. I decided to write Ты an Статья instead.

From the день we started talking, Ты have been so kind to me. You've helped me learn to believe in myself, and I am forever grateful. You've never failed to Показать me kindness, and you're an example of the few good people who are still in this world.

You're a sweet person, Kelly, and I'm proud to call Ты my friend. Fanpop wouldn't be the same without you. You're everything a friend should be.

I can't believe you're already twenty-one. It seems like it was just yesterday when we started talking, and we were both seventeen. Come March, we will both be twenty-one. It just doesn't seem possible. Time really flies when you're having fun.

I hope your birthday is just as awesome as Ты are. Happy Birthday.

By the time the Beatles made it back to the dormitory building and met Rosie, Nicholas, and Zack again, they noticed that something wasn't quite right. John asked, "What's wrong, mates?" Rosie replied, "Well, Nicholas has been feeling down since this morning. For some reason, he seems to be in a funk." With that, Nicholas breathed a heavy sigh. George gave him a hug and said, "We're sorry you've been feeling sad. Is there anything you'd like us to do?" Nicholas replied, "I could use some cheering up." "All right. Since we will be delivering our Рождество message in three days, let's plan how...
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The Рождество spirit is felt all over Лондон once again, and the Beatles were getting ready to deliver their annual message on the twenty-fifth. After their radio Показать ended for the day, they decided to start recording it so that it will be ready. John said, "Let's include the announcement of our new tour in the message, mates. And Paul, Ты can be the one to open it this time." Paul replied, "Thank you, John. I know this is going to be another wonderful Рождество message." John responded, "You're welcome. It certainly will be." George added, "Indeed." "And I'll close it by playing my harmony trumpet." Chimed in Ringo. "Jolly good!" Exclaimed John. After about an hour, the lads finished recording the message. They then left the Broadcasting House and walked back to the dorm to tell their Друзья about it.

The rehearsals went very well for Rosie, Nicholas, and the Beatles. After leaving the Studios on Sunday evening, John exclaimed, "We've done it! All of our tour errands are completed." Rosie replied, "Yep! I think this calls for a celebration." Nicholas said, "That's right. Let's celebrate this success by having ужин at Fernando's restaurant again!" Paul replied, "Capital idea, mate!" George added, "It's off to Fernando's we go!" With a jubilant spirit, the group proceeded to the restaurant and ordered another delicious group feast. A couple of hours later, they returned to the dorm and told...
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As the weekend started, the Beatles, Rosie, and Nicholas got to work on the set Список for their tour. It was completed after thirty minutes. The songs that they chose were "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "Please Please Me", "All My Loving", "Eight Days A Week", "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You", "I Should Have Known Better", and "Twist And Shout". John then said, "I've got another great idea, mates. During the concerts, let's bring one или two Фаны from the audience onstage to sing with us!" Ringo replied, "Oh, how splendid! We'd Любовь that." Rosie added, "Indeed!" George said, "Yes! Now that our set Список is finished, I think it's time for us to start rehearsing in Abbey Road Studios." Paul replied, "That's right. We'll start with the first three songs for today. Then, we will continue with the last four on Sunday." "All righty." Responded the others. And so, the group brought their instruments and were on their way to the Studios for rehearsal.

With the group feeling very satisfied after their lunch, they resumed their errand. After a couple of minutes, they finally found a printing shop, and it provides ticket and концерт poster making as one of its services. Rosie, Nicholas, and the Beatles then went inside and availed this. During the process, the lads requested the technicians to add a bold "Live and In Person" onto the posters and tickets, to which they agreed. In the end, it was another success, and the Магазин will deliver the finished products to the cities where the band will perform. As they walked back to the dorm, John said,...
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After eating breakfast, the Beatles, Rosie, and Nicholas went out and started their секунда tour errand. As they approached Westminster, an advert promoting coach services for any events near a National Express office caught their attention. George remarked, "Hmm...This sounds good. Let's go inside and inquire about it." Rosie replied, "All righty." Upon entering, the lady in charge said, "Welcome to National Express! How may I help you?" John replied while the group took their seats, "Hello! We would like to book a coach service for our концерт tour around the country." "Sure. So, when do you...
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The Далее day, while Rosie, Nicholas, and Zack were having their class, the Beatles started setting up the tour schedule. They did this as the songs in their radio show's current episode were playing. John asked his mates, "Shall we include Scotland and Wales on this tour?" George replied, "That's a great idea. We're on it!" John remarked, "All right!" By the time their Показать ended for the day, the lads had completed the schedule and were ready to Показать it to their friends. They met Rosie, Nicholas, and Zack again outside the dormitory building, and she asked the band, "So, how did your tour schedule...
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With preparations for their tour in full swing, the Beatles, Rosie, and Nicholas decided to go out for lunch and discuss what they plan to do in order for it to be a success. While waiting for their food, John wrote down a tour errands checklist. These include choosing which cities to perform in and the dates in which the tour will kick off and end, hiring a coach service and a ticket and концерт poster agent, creating a set Список of seven songs, and rehearsing in Abbey Road Studios. Rosie said, "This is going to be so much fun! We're really excited to go on tour with you, mates." John replied, "We are, too, love!" Paul added, "Certainly!" Everyone had a delicious lunch and took a relaxing afternoon walk around the neighborhood a few hours later. Then, they returned to the dorm and went to sleep early so that they'll have plenty of energy to start their errands tomorrow.

Hello, my friends! I just would like to share with Ты all about what I plan to do in my upcoming Фан fictions for the last two months of this year. So, without further ado, let's begin.

As Ты already know, in "The Рождество Surprise", while the Beatles were delivering their annual Рождество message, Paul mentioned the possibility of the lads embarking on a new tour in the present day. I've been incubating this idea in my mind for the past nine months, and it has been fulfilled at last through the foreshadowing in the final part of "Ringo and the Magic Trumpet".

Because of this, my Далее fan...
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Hey, everyone. The following is a Список of all the countries and their cities that I've been to in the past twenty years. This will be updated whenever I visit a new country или when I visit a new city in the ones mentioned here, with Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau excluded. Enjoy!


1. Hong Kong
2. Thailand (Bangkok and Hua Hin)
3. Singapore
4. Macau
5. Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh/Saigon)
6. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
7. Indonesia (Jakarta)
8. South Korea (Seoul)
9. Taiwan (Taipei)

North America

1. United States - California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Monterey), New York (NYC), Massachusetts (Boston and...
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