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Announcer: In 1963, they became Cape May's finest duo of law enforcers.
Alan: I'll give Ты a call when I'm done.
Harry: Okay.
Announcer: Two years later, they're still Cape May's finest duo of law enforcers.
Alan: Doesn't bother me.
Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog, and Windwakerguy430 are pleased to present, Six Shooters 2.

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Announcer: There's еще than meets the eye in Cape May.
Man 69: *Looks at Hilary* Miss? I think someone's stalking you.
Hilary: Stalking me? *Looks at the driver of a black '55 Chevy*

She only saw a brief glimpse of the driver, before he pulled out a gun, and shot her twice. The first bullet hit her head, and the секунда went into her right breast.

Announcer: And only two men can set things right.
Casey: Hi Harry. *Grabs Harry's butt*
Alan: *Stunned* Some cousin.
Announcer: Alan Martinez.
Harry: *Sweating*
Alan: What are Ты nervous about?
Harry: I just hope they don't try to shoot at us.
Alan: You're the one that сказал(-а) we should kill them.
Announcer: Harry Penn.
Harry: I did? When?
Alan: *Rolls his eyes, and knocks on the door*

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Alan: Get back!! *Runs to the right*

A shotgun blast took the door down.

Announcer: Alan Martinez, and Harry Penn are back together in this sequel.
Frank: *Hits Alan*
Alan: Feeling's mutual. *Hits him back*
Announcer: As they battle to the death to keep their town safe.
???: *Pulls out a gun, and shoots a woman in a car Далее to his '55 Chevy five times*
Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog, and WindWakerGuy430 звезда in this all new sequel, Six Shooters 2.

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Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog is, the leader in Фан fictions.
Henry: *Stares at the fire, and does nothing*
CIA: *Arriving in helicopters, and Suburbans*
NS Men: *Firing at the Suburbans*
CIA Agents: *Jumping out of the helicopters, and running out of the Suburbans. All equipped with M4 Carbines*
радуга Dash: Эй, Applejack? Sean wants Ты to-
Octavia: ooh.
Derpy: What? *sits on torch* Oh my muffins!
пони 90: *Sees Karl driving his car on two wheels, gets scared, and spins out of control in his Desoto. He hits another car*
пони 87: *Goes down an embankment, and crashes into a boulder*
Police Pony: *Stops to see if everyone is okay*
Karl: *Passing a Cadillac, nearly getting the left side on the car*
Cadillac Pony: *Stops*
Karl: *Goes down the hill*
Ponies: *Looking at Karl's car*
Karl: *Gets the left side of his car down, and slowly wakes up*
Frank: *Hits Alan*
Alan: Feeling's mutual. *Hits him back*

Both cars kept hitting each other.

Men: *Shooting at Logan*
Logan: *Blocking their shots with his lightsaber*

Three of the men got hit.

Logan: *Turns off his lightsaber, then uses his KH70 blaster to shoot the other man*
Mike: *Arrives* Heeey!
Tie Pilots: *Turning around*
Tom: *Shooting a Tie Fighter*
Harry: Being this is a .44 magnum, the most powerful handgun in all of Equestria, and will blow your head clean off. Ты gotta ask yourself a question. Do I feel lucky?
Scorpio: *Fires two bullets, but misses*
Harry: Well do Ты punk?
Jade: *Waiting at Mossberg Station*
Sean: Why are we doing a Рождество episode this early?
Austin: Don't ask me.
Sean: *runs across*
Nazis: *shoot ice*
Bill: *Drives out of the parking lot*
SHP Officers: *Shooting bullets, but miss, hitting buildings Bill drives past*
Con: *getting towards bridge*
лодка Driver: *Gets past bridge*
Bridge Operator: *lowering bridge*
Con: *gets on bridge* *Using spell to keep engine from derailing* *Lands back on rails*
John: How are Ты sure he's there sir?
Morris: *Shoots at an Officer laying down, using another set of stairs for cover*
Imperial Officer 52: *Returns fire*
Morris: *Stays behind the wall, and returns fire*
Imperial Officer 52: *Gets hit, and dies*
Imperial Trooper 74: *Returns fire*
Colonel Turner: The MC40 they were on crash landed on the planet.
Con: *drives a motorcycle off of a cliff, and is falling towards an airplane*
Sean: *Watching Tails fly his car*
Tails: *Flying high in the air*
Con: I come from the C.I.E. My name is Mane. Con Mane.
Sean: *On a motorcycle, he catches air from riding up a small hill. He lands between two fences.*
Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog is, the leader in Фан fictions.

Scenes used from Revenge Of The Diesels, Johnny Lightning, Pinkie's Treasure Hunt, 1960, Six Shooters 2, The Bounty Hunter, Trainz, The Battle Of Coruscant, Dirty Harry, Hedgehog In Ponyville: The Grand Galloping Gala, The Challenger, Die And Let Live, Where Eagles Dare, Golden Iris, Life In The Fast Lane, Nightmare Moonraker, Hedgehog In Ponyville: The Great Escape.

And now, our feature presentation.

Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Theme Song: link

Pony: *Walking in front of a green background, but gets crushed by falling letters that say...*


Pony: *Gets stuck under the P, but gets himself free. The background then changes to red. He continues to walk when he sees numbers falling toward him. He runs, but gets crushed by...*


Pony: *Gets out from under the 6, but as he does, it leans to the right, and the 0 rolls away. As the background changes to orange, he whistles when he sees еще falling letters*


Pony: *Surprised that he's not stuck under any of the letters. He rearranges them*


Pony: *The background changes to yellow as he starts walking again. еще letters start to fall, but they crush him again*


Pony: *Gets out from under the M. Once again, he rearranges the letters*


Pony: *Starts to walk again as the background changes blue. The letters falling toward him now say*


Pony: *In between the two B's. He gets out, and rearranges the letters again*


Pony: *Annoyed as he walks in front of a purple background. The Далее set of letters to fall on him say*


Pony: *His head is stuck under the Y, but the rest of his body is okay. He gets his head unstuck, and rearranges the letters.*


Pony: *Walking behind a green background again. He decides to turn around to avoid еще letters. As he gets between Larry Wilcox and Bob Newhart, еще letters appear. He stops, not bothering to run*

Also starring Pinkie Pie as Leslie Grimes

Pony: *Glad that the words are not scrambled, but he's not glad with the word Pie stuck on his tail. еще letters fall, and destroy the other letters, setting him free. The new set of letters say*

And Rick Jones as Karl Grimes

Stop the song

Narrator: 1960 was a год full of idiocracy. There were lots of car crashes.
пони wearing leather coat: *Crashes a brand new Corvette into a garage*
Narrator: Too many ponies relied on airplanes
Airplane: *Crashes into a mountain*
Narrator: And the Railroad Industry was dramatically going downhill
Pony: *Applies the brakes on his train, but it hits the end of a passenger train*
Narrator: In Los Angeles, idiocracy would be the only thing coming out of four stallions, travelling to Seattle to get a promotion. The four stallions were Pierce Hawkins, Tom Foolery, Bob Newhart, and Karl Grimes.
Larry: Okay, so Ты four want a promotion.
Pierce: That's right.
Tom: We do.
Bob: I deserve it еще than the others.
Karl: What do we have to do?
Larry: I'm going to be flying into Seattle to see the CEO of our company. He plans to give out a free promotion, but only one of Ты can get it. Ты have five days to get there. *Gives each of the four ponies 200 dollars* For the long drive into Seattle.
Tom: Wait, we're driving?
Larry: Yes.
Pierce: Drive, as in... *Holds his front hooves out as if he's driving a car*
Larry: Yes. So anyway-
Pierce: *Still pretending to drive a car. He honks the horn, and moves his mouth as if he's shouting. No words come out*
Tom: You're distracting the boss.
Pierce: I am? I haven't even arrived at work yet.
Larry: *Clears his throat*
Pierce: *Stops pretending to drive* Sorry.
Larry: The first one who gets to Seattle gets the promotion.
Bob: Why do we have to drive there? Why can't we just hop on board a plane like you?
Larry: It'll make things еще fun. Trust me. I'll talk to the CEO, he'll have me wait for one of Ты guys, and whoever arrives at our company headquarters in Seattle first gets the free promotion.
Pierce: Okay, lets do it! *Runs out of the room with Tom, Bob, and Karl*
Larry: I was right. This will be fun.

The four ponies ran out of the building, and towards their cars when this happened.

Bob: *Stops, and looks at the others* Wait!!
Ponies: *Stop*
Bob: Don't Ты think we oughta be sensible about this? I mean if we keep running, или driving really fast like a bunch of morons, the cops will arrest us. Then none of us will get that promotion.
Pierce: He's right, we got five days to get there, so let's take it easy.

They each got into their cars that were parked Далее to each other, and drove out of the parking lot. They were all following the speed limit, and being sensible like Bob wanted them to.

Pierce: Full tank, new tires that I installed yesterday, and a long way to Seattle. I will make it first.
Tom: With traffic in Los Angeles, it may take us a while to get out of here.
Bob: Patience. That's all we need. Patience.
Karl: I have to stop, and see my wife. I can't drive this car all of the way out there. I need something newer.
Pierce: *Stops at a traffic light* It shouldn't stay red for long.
Tom: *Angry* Don't stay red for long!
Bob: *Stops*
Karl: *Stops*

The light was still red.

Tom: I've had it! *Floors it, and passes Pierce on the right*
Bob: *Moves up, getting closer to the back of Pierce's car* So much for being sensible.
Karl: *Slowly moving up*
Pierce: *Sees the light change green, and goes forward*
Tom: *Turns left at an intersection* I'm gonna make it out of here before anyone else does!
Karl: *Stops at his house, getting out of the car* Leslie? *Goes inside the house* Leslie?
Leslie: In the bathroom.
Karl: Come with me once Ты finish. I need Ты to drive, and I'll explain on the way. *Goes toward a table, grabbing extra money*
Pierce: *Driving in front of Bob. Both are going 40 miles an hour, following the speed limit*
Tom: *Comes from an intersection in front of them, turning right, staying ahead of them*
Pierce: Out of all the northbound exits in Los Angeles, and Ты have to get in ours.
Leslie: *Driving the car with Kyle* Where are we heading?
Karl: Get me to a car rental place just north of here. I gotta make it to Seattle before the others.
Leslie: Why can't Ты use this car?
Karl: I just сказал(-а) it's not new enough. I at least need something from 1956.

Meanwhile on a highway towards the city limits of Los Angeles

Tom: *Going over 80 miles an hour*
Police Pony: *Driving a police car, chasing Tom*
Tom: *Swerves right, and then left*
Ponies: *Accidentally crash their cars into each other*
Police Pony: *Stops inches away from the crash*
Tom: *Leaves Los Angeles, laughing* That'll slow down the others for sure.

Tom caused an accident, and got away without being stopped by the cops.

Pierce & Bob: *In their cars, surrounded by other cars*
Leslie: *Driving the car on a road on a hill, going parallel to the highway*
Karl: *Sees Pierce, and Bob in their cars* Wow, those guys might be there for a long time.
Leslie: *Looks at the other cars* Oh wow. That's a terrible crash. I'm glad I'm not a part of that. *Swerves to the left*
Karl: Keep your eyes on the-
Leslie: *Accidentally goes down the hill, crashing into a tree, and makes the car land on it's roof as it gets on the highway*
Pierce: *Looks at the car that landed on it's roof* Is that-
Bob: Karl?
Police Ponies: *Running over to Karl's car*
Bob: This is ridiculous. *Gets out of his car, gets into a police car, and drives it into one of the cars that crashed, moving it to the right*
Police Ponies: *Watching Bob* Hey!
Bob: *Running back to his car*
Pierce: Thanks a lot. *Moves вперед with the rest of the ponies*
Bob: *Floors it, passing a few cars, going between them*
Karl: *Gets out of his car, watching other cars pass on the left*
Leslie: Now what do we do?
Karl: Stay here, I'm getting a cab. *Watching the cars passing him, and sees a taxi* Эй, taxi!
Taxi Pony: *Doesn't stop*
Karl: Typical. Only one way to get one of those yellow things to stop. *Jumps into the middle of the road* TAXI!!!!
Taxi Pony: *Stops* Hey, what do Ты think you're doing?
Karl: *Gets in the taxi* Renting a car. Переместить it!
Taxi Pony: *Drives*

Tom was now on Interstate 405 going through Bel Air.

Tom: *Laughing* Oh this is great. I am way out in front, and none of those other ponies will catch up to me. That promotion is mine. I'm gonna get to Seattle first.
Pony: *Standing in the road, waving*
Tom: *Stops*
Pony: *Walks into his car*
Tom: What's the matter with you? Don't Ты have any sense to stay out of the road?
Pony: Give me the lecture later, and get me to the Blue варенье, джем Cafe.
Tom: Ты gotta be kidding-
Pony: Look, don't bother arguing with me. I wanna get there now.
Tom: Aye aye aye. *Drives* Keep in mind that I'm in a rush. So, keep your mouth shut, and let me drive.
Pony: *Nods*

The taxi stopped at a car rental place just north of Los Angeles.

Karl: Thanks. *Pays the taxi пони 3 bucks, and walks into the car rental place*
Car Rental Pony: Hi, welcome to Hertz.
Karl: I'm heading into Seattle, and I need a car built during, или after 1956.
Car Rental Pony: Well most of our cars here were built before 1956, but I'm sure we'll find something just right for you.
Karl: Good.

Both of them walked out to the back, where most of the cars were.

Car Rental Pony: How about this Volvo? It was built last year.
Karl: Eh, I'll pass. I don't want to try driving a foreign car just yet.
Car Rental Pony: How about this '58 Impala? The first of it's kind.
Karl: How much does it cost?
Car Rental Pony: $300 dollars, and each mile Ты drive this thing will cost Ты ten cents.
Karl: Got anything cheaper?
Car Rental Pony: Ford Fairlane, 1957. $250 now, plus ten cents every mile Ты drive.
Karl: I'll take it.
Car Rental Pony: *Gives Karl the keys* And remember, if Ты get any damage on this car, it'll cost Ты extra.
Karl: I have no intention to damage this machine. *Gets into the car*
Car Rental Pony: Эй, wait a second.
Karl: *Starts the car, and drives away*
Car Rental: Ты didn't give me your name или address! How am I supposed to charge Ты if I don't know this information?! Ты didn't even give me the $250 for crying out loud!

Back with Tom

Tom: *Floors it passing a red traffic light*
Ponies: *Stop driving their cars, honking their horns in the process*
Pony: What's the matter with Ты man?
Tom: Look, I need to get to Seattle for an important business meeting, and you're making me go the wrong way! *Turns onto Melrose Avenue, and stops at the Blue варенье, джем Cafe* Here we are.
Pony: This isn't it. I meant the one on Ventura Boulevard.
Tom: Why didn't Ты tell me before?!?
Pony: I forgot.
Tom: Uugh!! *Makes a U turn, nearly hitting a few cars*
Pony: You're going to get us in trouble if Ты keep this up.
Tom: I told Ты to shut up!

Pierce, and Bob were now in a place called Santa Clarita. Pierce, and Bob drove their cars Далее to each other.

Pierce: *Looks at the road, then glances at Bob* I'm keeping my eye on you. *Looks back at the road* You're not getting to Seattle before me.
Bob: *Staring at Pierce* You're gonna talk about me in your car so I can't hear, huh? Okay, I'll play your game. I'll stoop down to your level. Your tin can that Ты call a car will break down sooner, или later. I will get to Seattle before anyone else does. *Looks back at the road* How do Ты like that?

Karl was driving his rental car in Bakersfield.

Karl: I got a decent car for free. *Laughs to himself*
Cop: Attention all units, be on the lookout for a 1957 Ford Fairlane stolen from a Hertz rental place just outside of L.A.
Cop 4: Ten-4, we'll keep an eye out for the car.
Cop: The rental company doesn't want any damage on this car. Understood?
Cop 4: Roger.
Karl: *Yawns* Why do I feel so... sleepy? *Falls asleep*

Song: link

Karl: *Swerving to the left, and right*
Ponies: *Honking their horns*
Karl: *Hits the brakes, and turns left. He goes faster*
Cop 4: That car is speeding.
Cop 3: Might also be the stolen car we're looking for.
Cop 4: *Drives after Karl*

The police turned on their sirens, but Karl was still asleep.

Karl: *Turns left, then right*
Pony: *In a station wagon, swerves to prevent herself from hitting Karl*
Cop 4: *Stops. The station wagon is blocking their path*
Karl: *Turns left into a parking garage*
Ponies: *Staring at Karl*
пони 4: He's asleep.
Karl: *Leans on the horn, but that still doesn't wake him up. He lifts his head up, leans it on the window to his left, then turns right to go up*
пони 7: *In another car, about to Переместить вперед until she sees Karl*
Karl: *Turns around, and starts to drive out of the parking garage*
Ponies: Look, he's coming back.
Karl: *Turns left after exiting the parking garage*
Garbage Ponies: *Accidentally spill garbage on the road*
Karl: *Swerves left to avoid the garbage, then gets on the right side of the road*

A corvette was slowing down in front of him to stop at a intersection.

Karl: *Passes the Corvette*
Ponies: *Stop to avoid hitting Karl*
Karl: *Slowly opening his eyes, but closes them again staying asleep. He starts going up a hill*
пони 18: *Driving a truck towing a flat trailer carrying boxes that contain air conditioners*
Karl: *Having a dream, and honks the horn twice* Get outta the way, and learn how to drive.
пони 18: *Hears Karl honking his horn, and moves out of the way*
Karl: *Passes the truck, then goes downhill*
Police Pony: *Sees Karl pass him* That guy's asleep behind the wheel! *Follows him, and turns on his siren*
Karl: *Goes into a racing stadium*
Racing Ponies: *Racing around a figure 8. They are on the 100th lap, and won't stop until they hit 300 laps, или when all cars are destroyed*
Racing пони 53: *Crashes into another car, and drives off the track*
Racing пони 0593: *Pushes another racer off the track*
Karl: *Drives his car onto the track, and passes a few race cars*
Racers: *Crash into each other to avoid hitting Karl's car*

Another race car crashed into the wall, making this noise for five seconds: link

Karl: *Drives around the track, then turns off, and heads for the exit*
Police Pony: *Waiting for Karl at the entrance*
Karl: *Passes the police pony. The left front tire hits a rock, and the car is close to flipping over, but leans all of the way to the right*
Police Pony: *Staring at Karl, and continues to chase him*
Karl: *Having another dream as he goes up the холм, хилл again* No Leslie, Ты can't drive. I'm better at it then Ты are.
пони 90: *Sees Karl driving his car on two wheels, gets scared, and spins out of control in his Desoto. He hits another car*
пони 87: *Goes down an embankment, and crashes into a boulder*
Police Pony: *Stops to see if everyone is okay*
Karl: *Passing a Cadillac, nearly getting the left side on the car*
Cadillac Pony: *Stops*
Karl: *Goes down the hill*
Ponies: *Looking at Karl's car*
Karl: *Gets the left side of his car down, and slowly wakes up* Where am I? What happened? *Stops*
Pony: Sir, are Ты okay?!
Karl: Yeah, where am I?
Pony: Bakersfield. Are Ты sure you're okay?!
Karl: Yeah, thanks, you've been a real help. *Drives away*
пони 35: What was that all about?
Pony: *Shrugs*

Pierce, and Bob were in Santa Barbara. They have been driving Далее to each other for a long time. Now they had their windows open so they could talk to each other.

Pierce: *Checks his gas tank. It's nearly empty* I'm not stopping until Ты do.
Bob: Lucky for you, I'm low on gas.
Pierce: So am I. *Sees a gas station ahead of them* We'll pull in there, and get some gas.
Bob: Okay.

The both of them got their cars at the gas station, and stopped to refuel.

Gas Station Pony: *Arrives* What can I do for Ты two?
Pierce: Full tank.
Bob: Same here.
Gas Station Pony: *Puts hoses into their tanks, and pours gas into them*
Pierce: *Sees an old lighthouse near a boardwalk* Эй, Bob, wanna check that out?
Bob: *Sees the lighthouse* It does look interesting. Why not?

When the tanks were full, Pierce, and Bob payed the station attendant, then drove their cars as close as they could to the boardwalk.

Pierce: *Walks onto the boardwalk with Bob behind him*
Bob: Ты know? That looks very nice.
Pierce: Yeah, it does. How far ahead do Ты think the others are?
Bob: Tom is probably getting stopped by the police for his careless driving, and Karl might be ahead of us all.
Pierce: In that case, we better get going. It was nice looking at this lighthouse, and all, but we need to get going.

Suddenly, two ponies wearing fedoras, and sports jackets arrived.

Gangster 1: What are Ты two doing here?
Pierce: Looking at the lighthouse.
Gangster 2: How close did Ты get to it?
Bob: Not as close as we are now.
Pierce: We didn't go any further then this.
Gangster 1: What do Ты know about all this?
Bob: Wait, are Ты gangsters?
Gangster 1: That doesn't answer my question.
Pierce: Ah, that doesn't answer his question.. Wait, what question?
Gangster 1: What do Ты two know about this place?
Pierce: Howitzers.
Gangster 1: That also doesn't answer my question!! Ты wanna be a wiseguy, или what?!
Bob: Well, I guess that Ответы my Вопрос about Ты two being gangsters.
Gangster 2: Shut up.
Gangster 1: They don't seem to know anything.
Gangster 2: Good. Now get lost.
Pierce: *Walks away with Bob*
Police Pony: *Sees Pierce, and Bob. He arrests them with help from two other officers*

On interstate 5 in Santa Clarita

Tom: *Stuck in traffic* I can't go anywhere. No wonder Pierce, and Bob started heading Westbound. But there is a brightside to all of this. They could go too far, and allow me to win. As for Karl, he probably got ahead. Thanks to that idiot who wanted me to give him a ride to the Blue варенье, джем Cafe.
Ponies: *Slowly moving their cars forward*
Tom: *Looks up at the sky* Thank you. *Drives slowly* This may not be fast, but I'm thankful to Переместить forward.

The police station in Santa Barbara was where Pierce, and Bob were.

Police Pony: Okay, Ты were seen hanging out with ponies in the Scarza Mafia.
Pierce: That was an accident. We went to see a lighthouse, and these two ponies came at us, and asked us questions. They found out we didn't know anything, so we left.
Police Pony: We don't believe you. Ты better sing to us.
Bob: Sing?
Police Pony: Yes. Sing.
Bob: Okay. We'll sing.
Pierce: *Playing an accordion he got out of nowhere*
Bob: *Singing* I was a stallion, travelling from L.A. My destination was Seattle.
Pierce: *Also singing* Yes Seattle.
Bob: *Continues singing* We went there to try, and get a promotion.
Pierce: From стол письменный, стол clerks to big shots, we would become successful.
Bob: But then the cops arrested us, thinking we were part of a gang.

The song ended

Police Pony: That's not what I meant. Tell us in your own words what happened with those gangsters before Ты got arrested.
Pierce: Our own words?
Police Pony: Yes.
Pierce: We don't have our own words. We use the words everypony else uses.
Bob: Pierce?
Pierce: Ты want us to tell Ты in our own words? Okay. Neek Kaiwai Condon Fluuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Police Pony: *Annoyed* Get out of here!
Pierce: Thanks. *Leaves with Bob*

Karl was travelling on Interstate 99. He had just gotten out of Mcfarland, and was continuing to head Northbound.

Karl: *Sees two ponies blocking his path* What are they doing?
Ponies: *Playing football*
Karl: *Honks the horn*
Ponies: *Moving out of the way*
Karl: *Passes them* If I encounter anymore reckless ponies like that-

Just then a baseball cracked the window on his left

Karl: *Stops the car* Where did that come from? *Gets out, and sees three colts playing baseball on the side of the road* What do Ты three think you're doing?!
Colt: Playing baseball.
Karl: I can see that, you're too close to the road! Go play somewhere else!
Colts: *Leaving*
Karl: *Looks at the broken window* Oh for crying out loud. I can't get to Seattle in a car like this. It's gotta look nice. *Gets back in the car* If I can't fix it, I'll have to steal another car. *Drives*

Tom was driving his car through Bakersfield. He was annoyed with the traffic.

Tom: I should have taken an airplane instead of driving around like a fool. I would have beaten everypony to Seattle. *Sees a mare* Oh hello. *Stops the car* Where are Ты heading?
Mare: Seattle.
Tom: That's where I'm heading.
Mare: Will Ты give me a ride?
Tom: Sure. Hop in.
Mare: *Gets in the car*
Tom: *Drives* You're sexy.
Mare: Thanks. I want to-

Okay, Ты don't wanna know what she's going to say, so we're going to Переместить onto Pierce, and Bob. They went to where they parked their cars, but they were gone.

Pierce: *Looks at some shattered glass on the ground* Well, looks like our cars have been stolen.
Bob: That's not good. Now what?
Pierce: Looks like we're travelling together.
Bob: In what?
Pierce: *Spots a car on the road* In that. *Jumps into the car* Hey, would Ты mind if I borrowed this?
Pony: *Stops the car, and runs out terrified*
Pierce: He seemed very happy to let us borrow this.
Bob: *Gets in* You're crazy.
Pierce: Thanks. *Drives*

Karl was still trying to find a car to replace his Ford with the broken window.

Karl: *Sees a sports car parked in front of him* That's a red sports car. Could it be the one to replace this Ford? *Slowly passing* Yes, it's very beautiful. This is very nice. *Spots the Mercedes Benz badge on the front, and is disappointed* I thought it was a Ferrari. Forget it, I'm staying with this car. *Drives away*

Behind him in a small town called Cawelo was Tom. He was still with the mare he picked up from Bakersfield.

Tom: That felt great.
Mare: I'm glad Ты had fun.
Tom: The pleasure's all mine. So what are Ты heading to Seattle for?
Mare: I'm visiting my mother, but my car is a piece of junk, and won't start.
Tom: Obviously it's not a Cadillac like mine.
Mare: 1941 Willys Americar.
Tom: Really? My mother had one of those. It was brand new, but still had engine trouble.
Mare: *Giggles*
Tom: I'm heading to Seattle for a business meeting. I would be flying there myself, but my boss suggested this. Now I'm glad he did. *Kisses the mare* This definitely beats flying. I bet he's waiting in his plane still hoping it takes off instead of constantly being delayed.

But it was the complete opposite of what Tom was imagining. Larry's plane was miles from entering Oregon.

Larry: *Looking down at the ground* Yeah this definitely beats driving.
Hostess: *Arrives* еще champagne Mr. Wilcox?
Larry: Sure. Why don't Ты give it to me in the back with the other hostesses?
Hostess: *Smiles* Follow me.
Larry: *Follows the hostess*

In Pixley, Tom was still with the mare.

Mare: Are there other ponies trying to get that promotion like you?
Tom: Yes, but I'm in front of them all. We have just over 100 hours to get into Seattle, and I'm going to make it before anypony else does.
Karl: *Driving his car when he sees a black Cadilliac* Could it be? That might be Tom. I better floor it before he catches up. *Floors it*
Mare: *Sees Karl going faster* What's with that guy?
Tom: How should I know? I never saw that pony.
Mare: Let's find out. Speed up.
Tom: *Goes faster*
Karl: *Sees Tom catching up* Oh dear.
Tom: Getting closer. *Looks inside the car* Is that Karl?
Mare: Who's Karl?
Tom: One of my co workers. *Gets on Karl's right side* Karl, what's the meaning of this?!
Karl: Tom, I-
Tom: I told this beautiful mare that I was ahead of everyone, and now you're making me look bad in front of her! You're making me look like a liar!
Karl: Tom, Ты know we're friends, right?!
Tom: Friend this! *Hits his car*
Karl: *Goes onto the left side of the road, then returns to the right side of the road* Tom, I'm already having a rough time as it is!
Tom: Oh Ты are, are you? Rough this! *Pushes his car to the left again*
Karl: *Returns to the right side of the road* I am! I fell asleep behind the wheel, a пони broke my left window with a baseball, and now you're making it worse for me!
Tom: Make things worse with this!! *Floors it*
Mare: Why didn't Ты ram him?
Tom: I was getting tired of talking to him. Telling him to do lots of things while hitting his car, and now I probably scratched up my own car.
Karl: *Turns off the highway* The Golden State Highway is all yours Tom. I'm taking a different route. *Sees a brand new car* Hello. What's that? *Stops his car, and gets out. He looks at the car, then looks around him.* No one's watching me. *Goes inside a building that is completely empty* I guess this place isn't open, and someone forgot to lock the door. *Sees a row of keys. He spots the keys for the red car, and takes them*

Los Olivos was a small town where Pierce, and Bob were driving together in one car.

Bob: Let's stop somewhere to eat soon, I'm starving.
Pierce: Where do Ты want to eat?
Bob: Keep driving. I'll find a place. *Sees a sign for a hamburger joint* Let's stop there.
Pierce: Okay, let's get Ты a burger. *Stops at the hamburger joint*

Shortly after that, Karl got in the red car, and drove off.

Karl: *Laughs* This was too easy. *Opens the перчатка, перчатки compartment* What do we have here? *Looks inside* Money. Hundred dollar bills! I'm rich!! I'm rich!! Woo!!
Pony: *In a brand new black Thunderbird, follows Karl* Is that him?
пони 2: Yeah, it's him. Stay behind him. See what he does.

Meanwhile at the burger joint, Pierce and Bob were sitting inside. They ordered a hamburger, and a Шоколад milkshake. While they were waiting for their lunch, this song was playing (start it at 6:02): link

Pierce: Hope Ты have enough to pay for this.
Bob: Why me?
Pierce: It was your idea to stop here. The others are probably ahead of us now.
Bob: Why don't Ты pay for it? Ты could have talked me out of having us stop here.
Pierce: Never mind, there's no point in arguing. We're travelling together.
Bob: I agree.
Waitress: *Arrives with their lunch*
Pierce: Thanks. How much for all of this?
Waitress: 95 cents.
Bob: *Gives the waitress a dollar* Keep the change.
Pierce: I'm going to use the bathroom. *Gets up, and walks away*
Bob: *Watches Pierce go into the bathroom. He grabs his burger and milkshake, and runs out of the restaurant. He grabs the keys for the car, gets in, starts it, and drives away* I'm not travelling with Ты anymore. *Laughs at how he lied to Pierce*

Meanwhile with Tom, and the mare

Tom: *Stops at a red light* Want some music?
Mare: As long as it isn't Rock & Roll, I'm fine.
Tom: No Rock & Roll? Come on, it's great.
Mare: It causes ponies to do bad things.
Tom: It does not. I'll prove it to you.

As Tom started to turn on the radio, and Поиск for a Rock station, he didn't notice the mare shift the car into reverse. The light turned green, and as Tom started driving, this song played starting at 6:39: link

Tom crashed into a car, and a chain reaction of crashes occurred involving a pick up, a station wagon, a truck, and a police car.

Tom: Uh oh! *Looks at his transmission* Ты put it in reverse when I wasn't looking! *Puts the car in forward, and drives away*
Mare: Good thing this isn't manual, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to pull that off.
Tom: What Ты did was very bad.
Mare: Which proves my point. Ponies do bad things when listening to Rock & Roll.
Tom: You're lucky you're so sexy. Otherwise I'd hit you.
Mare: Oh go ahead. I'm tough for my gender.

Meanwhile in Karl's car, there was no Музыка playing, but this happened.

Karl: *Stops at a stop sign*
пони 1: *Stops behind him* Quick, get him before he-
Karl: *Drives away*
пони 2: We gotta get him at a red light.
пони 1: I know. *Drives* We're the FBI. We will get him.

It seems that Karl is wanted by the FBI.

Pierce returned to his таблица from the bathroom when he noticed Bob was missing.

Pierce: Where did he go?
Waitress: *Arrives* Where did your friend go?
Pierce: That's what I'd like to find out! He must have left without me. *Sits down* I might as well finish this first, then find a way to catch up to him. *Drinks his milkshake, and takes a bite from his burger*

Meanwhile Karl was driving his car through a town called Tipton. He was on the same highway as Tom again, but this time he was behind him.

Karl: *Stops at a red light*
пони 1: *Stops behind him, and revs his engine twice*
пони 2: Easy. *Gets out, and walks to the car*
Karl: *Looks at the пони walking towards him, then at the light. It turns green so he drives away*
пони 2: Drat!
пони 1: *Stops Далее to him* Get in.
пони 2: *Gets back in*
пони 1: *Drives the car* Now there's only one way to catch this guy. *Catching up to Karl* Ram him.
пони 2: He shouldn't have been stealing so many cars.
Karl: *Sees the Thunderbird behind him* That must be Tom.. Can't be him though, he drives a Cadillac. He's the only one that drives like that though. It's gotta be him. *Floors it* I'm not letting him bother me again.
пони 1: Go after him. *Following Karl*
Tom: *Listening to Пианино Музыка when he sees Karl* It's him again.
Mare: Wasn't he driving a different car?
Tom: Yeah he was.
Karl: *Passes Tom*
пони 1: *Passes Tom, but scratches part of it*
Tom: Oh no! First, the back end gets destroyed thanks to Ты setting my car in reverse without me knowing it, and now this! *Floors it* I'm giving that T-bird driving idiot a chase he'll never forget! *Catching up to the FBI ponies*
Karl: Tom?
Bob: *Driving his car north on a deserted road* I should feel sorry for Pierce, but I don't. I need that promotion.
Pierce: *Sees a green Pontiac being driven towards him, and stands in front of it* Police officer!
Pony: *Stops* What?
Pierce: I need this car for an important car chase. *Pulls the пони out of the car, and drives away in it*
Pony: He didn't look anything like a police officer.
Pierce: I'm going to get Ты Bob.
пони 1: *Chasing Karl* I'm going to get Ты ya punk!
Tom: I'm getting Ты for scratching my ride!!
Mare: It was just an accident!
Tom: I don't care!!

Song: link

Well, there's certainly a lot of car chases going on in this story, isn't there? This is the intermission. Ты are not allowed to read the rest of this story until the song ends.

Seattle, the destination of four stallions that want to get a promotion. Larry goes into his company's headquarters to speak with the big stallion. The boss.

Larry: *Enters the boss' office*
Boss: Ah, Larry Wilcox. Tell me how everyone is doing.
Larry: Well, since I didn't tell anyone to follow those four ponies with cameras to film them, I don't know.
Boss: Ah never mind. We're starring in a movie that won't be produced until 55 years later. Let's take a look at how everyone's doing via montage.
Bob: *Driving an Oldsmobile*
Boss: Bob Newhart has stolen a really nice конвертируемый, кабриолет with help from Pierce Hawkins. However, during lunch time at a burger joint, Pierce had to use the bathroom. Bob used this opportunity to leave by himself.
Pierce: *Driving a Pontiac half a mile behind Bob*
Boss: As for Pierce, he found an equally nice Pontiac and is now on the same road that Bob is on.
Karl: *Driving away from two ponies in a Thunderbird*
Boss: Karl was unfortunate enough to be supervised by the FBI when he kept stealing cars. He wanted something nice to arrive in, but I don't think the Feds are going to make it any easier for him. And Tom? He's mad at the FBI for scratching his Cadillac while pursuing Karl. Now he's pursuing them, wrecking their T-Bird in the process.
Larry: *Surprised* How did Ты do that?
Boss: I told Ты we were working on a film that wouldn't be produced until 55 years later.

The sun was now setting, and Bob arrived in San Franciscolt.

Bob: *Barely keeping his eyes open* I need to find a place to sleep. *Parks his car on the street*
Pierce: *A block down the road, watching Bob go into the apartment* Nice place Ты chose Bob. *Parks his car behind Bob's*

Over 30 miles east of San Franciscolt was another town called Stockton. It was also south of Sacramento.

Karl: *Driving through Stockton at 90 miles an hour*
пони 1: *Following Karl*
пони 2: Hey, what about that пони in the Cadillac?
пони 1: He's not important right now. We need to stop that guy in the Saratoga.
Tom: *Taps the back end of the Thunderbird* I'm just getting started Ты imbeciles! Come on! Turn around and just try to hit my car again! I dare you!!
Mare: I don't think that's necessary.
Tom: Well I do. Watch this. *Pushes the back of the car from the right, and makes the FBI ponies spin out*
пони 1: *Hits a огонь hydrant, another car, and knocks down a улица, уличный lamp*

The улица, уличный lamp smashed the windows of a store.

Tom: It's over.
Mare: Now what are we going to do?
Tom: Remember what we did when I first picked Ты up?
Mare: Oh yeah. That was fun.
Tom: Let's go to a hotel for the night, and do that again.
Mare: *Sees Karl pulling into a hotel* Your friend is stopping there.
Tom: Then let's go there. He probably won't even notice us.

Bob chose to spend the night at a hotel in San Franciscolt. Pierce followed him, and without letting Bob know, he rented a room right Далее to his.

Bob: *Sleeps in his bed*
Pierce: *Laying in his bed* Tomorrow, I'll ask that back stabber why he left me behind.

And in Stockton, Tom and the mare did the same thing to Karl.

Tom: Okay, he doesn't know we're here. Let's surprise him at breakfast.
Mare: Surprise him?
Tom: Tie him up and prevent him from leaving this hotel.
Mare: I don't think that'll work well.
Tom: Ты got any better ideas on keeping him here? We gotta stay in front.
Mare: *Shakes her head*
Tom: Okay, so this is what we're doing.

Everything dissolves to the hotel Bob is at. It's 6 AM, and he's planning to leave early.

Bob: *Yawns as he exits his room*
Pierce: *Blocking the stairs*
Bob: Pierce!
Pierce: Why did Ты leave me behind yesterday?

Song(Start it at 18:12): link

Bob: *Runs away*
Pierce: *Chases Bob*

In the hallway they were at, there were only seven doors. Four on the left, and three on the right.

Bob: *Goes through the 3rd left door*
Pierce: *Goes to that door*
Bob: *Comes out of the 1st left door, going through the 2nd right door*
Pierce: *Goes to the 2nd right door*
Bob: *Comes out of the 1st right door, going through the 4th left door*
Pierce: *Goes to the door*
Bob: *Comes out of the 3rd left door, going through the 2nd right door*
Pierce: *Looks through the door as Bob looks through the 2nd left door*
Bob: *Goes into the room*
Pierce: *Heads to the 2nd left door*
Tom: *Comes out of the room, and goes downstairs*
Pierce: *Confused when he sees Tom*
Bob: *Runs out of the 4th left door with a knife*
Pierce: *Runs through the 2nd left door*
Bob: *Goes to that door*
Pierce: *Comes out of the 4th left door, going to the 3rd right door*
Bob: *Goes to that door*
Pierce: *Slams the door into Bob making him drop the knife. He runs away*
Bob: *Gets back up on his hooves*
Pierce: *Running outside, gets to his car, starts it, and drives away*
Bob: *Gets out of the hotel in time to see Pierce leave. He hops into his car, and chases him*
Pony: *Watching them chase each other, and holds a sign*

Typical San Franciscolt. Famous for having lots of Фильмы filmed here featuring a car chase through her streets.

Stop the song, it's time to check on Tom.

Mare: *Sees Tom come out of the bathroom* Why were Ты in there for so long?
Tom: I took a short cut to, and from San Fran.
Mare: I don't understand.
Tom: Ты will understand once this movie is over, and we're watching it in theaters. *Leaves the room*
Mare: *Following Tom*
Karl: *Peacefully sleeping*
Tom: *Using towels to tie his four legs to the bed. He leaves without making a noise*
Mare: *Waiting outside of Karl's room*
Tom: Okay, job done. Let's go.

Typical car chase in San Franciscolt is typical. Pierce, and Bob were crossing the Golden Neigh Bridge.

Pierce: *Sees Bob behind him in the Oldsmobile*
Bob: *Passing a tanker, and a mail van*
Pierce: *A light bulb appears over him as he comes up with an idea* Where did this come from? *Takes the light bulb, and throws it at a car*
Mare: *In a Buick, freaking out as the bulb hits the front of her car. She swerves, and crashes into a truck*
Stallion: *Flips the truck over*
Bob: *Stops, inches from the truck*
Pierce: That'll take a long time to clean up. *Over the Golden Neigh Bridge*

Meanwhile in Stockton

Karl: *Looks at the towels that tie him to the bed. He breaks loose without a struggle* Too easy. I guess whoever tied me up has never heard of a rope. *Leaving the hotel* They were also lucky that I was asleep, not being able to see them. *Gets in his car* I gotta stop talking. *Starts the car* What am I, a narrator? *Drives away*

5 miles up ahead was Tom, and the mare.

Tom: Ты wanna take Interstate 5, или highway 99?
Mare: I thought it was 66.
Tom: What? Oh, I see where you're going with this. If we flipped those numbers around, we'd be on route 66.

Bob was still stuck on the bridge. He abandoned the Oldsmobile, and walked off the bridge. He was hoping to find another road heading to the highway since it was being blocked off.

Bob: I better find another car soon. *Takes off his tie, and puts it in one of his pockets* This heat is killing me.
Hobo: But it's only 50 degrees.
Bob: I'm used to cold climates. Which doesn't make sense since I live in Los Angeles. *Sees cars coming onto the highway ahead of him* Here we go. Somewhere, I'm going to find another car.

Larry was smoking a cigar with the boss.

Boss: I trust Ты enjoyed sleeping in the basement. I have some of the finest rooms down there.
Larry: Honestly, that just sounds creepy.
Boss: What do Ты call the basement then?
Larry: The bottom floor. Seriously though, there were a lot of rooms down there.
Boss: And there are a lot of employees here that work their plots off. Now listen. I have a plan on how to help this company financially. It requires brains, intelligence. I think Ты can help me.
Larry: What is it that I have to do?
Boss: Tell them that the promotion is cancelled. It isn't really. I'm giving it to you.
Larry: Me?
Boss: Yes, you. I want Ты to be 2nd in command for this company. Ты got what it takes. Plus, Ты arrived here before the others.
Larry: Well when do the others get here?
Boss: One of my workers that are filming our four employees tells me that they're now in Oregon.
Larry: Hey, wait a second. They were in the middle of Alicornia. How'd they get into Oregon so fast?
Boss: We skipped a day. My camera ponies tell me that Pierce Hawkins is in the lead. He's coming towards us, now in the town Woodland, using Interstate 5. Tom and the mare are still cruising together in the Cadillac. Tom got it repaired, and so far he's been using it ever since he left Los Angeles. They're about a few miles behind Pierce. Karl, the car jacker is now in Vancouver.
Larry: How did he get all the way into Canada? Doesn't he want to come here for the promotion?
Boss: Vancouver is a town just north of Portland. Speaking of Portland, that's where Bob is. After getting stuck in San Franciscolt he was able to steal another Oldsmobile. A white 1959 convertible.
Larry: That's good. For him, not the ponies he украл, палантин the car from.

Meanwhile in Woodland.

Tom: *Crossing the Lewis River*
Mare: We're almost in Seattle.
Tom: It's a little too far away to be almost.
Mare: I'm just so excited.
Tom: Haven't seen your mother in a long time, huh?
Mare: I really miss her. Plus I know you're going to get that promotion.
Tom: Well I am ahead of everyone.

No he's not. Pierce is!

Pierce: *3 miles ahead of Tom. He is passing through a town called Kelso*

Two минуты later, Pierce entered a town called замок Rock when his car got a flat tire.

Pierce: *Angry* Oh great. *Passes a sign* The nearest service station is a mile away. That's too far. Especially since I have a flat tire. *Goes onto the side of the road*

Karl left Vancouver just as Bob entered it.

Karl: After nearly getting stopped by the FBI, I'm just glad this Saratoga I got doesn't have any damage. *Enters Woodland*
Bob: *Driving through Vancouver* Who knew there was another town called Vancouver in Washington? You'd think Ты were in Canada.

Pierce finally stopped at a service station in замок Rock.

Pierce: Give me a new tire, now!
Service Ponies: *Running to get a new tire*
Pierce: *Looks down the road. A lot of cars are passing by on the road* I just hope none of those cars are being driven by Bob, Tom, или Karl.

Four минуты later

Tom: *Looking at the mare, and begins to have a Фэнтези about her*
Mare: Will Ты watch the road please?
Tom: Sure. *Watches the road*
Pierce: *Gets back onto the road from the service station*
Tom: Эй, wait a minute. That пони looks familiar.
Mare: Do Ты know what his name is?
Tom: Pierce Hawkins!!!
Pierce: *Turns around and sees Tom* Oh dear. *Floors it*
Tom: *Follows Pierce and goes faster than him*
Pierce: Doesn't this story have enough car chases in it?
Tom: *Taps the back of Pierce's car* I'm gonna destroy your Chevy, или Buick, или whatever it is you're driving!
Mare: I think that's a Pontiac.
Tom: How do Ты know? Mares aren't supposed to know anything about cars!
Mare: *Points to the word Pontiac on the side*
Tom: Pierce, you're making my girlfriend correct me!! *Taps the back of Pierce's car again*
Pierce: I've had it with this numnut. *Brakes*
Tom: *Goes into the right lane. Another car crashes into him and he spins off the highway, stopping on the grass*
Mare: What was that all about?
Tom: So I got a little angry and another пони crashed into us. No big deal. We just drive back onto the highway and try to destroy Pierce again. *Drives back onto the highway*

In Seattle, Larry walked out of the company headquarters. The headquarters was located on 10th Avenue. He turned around to speak to the boss before he left.

Larry: *Carrying a suitcase* Thanks again for the promotion.
Boss: You're welcome. Now get going. Ты have to get to L.A, and Показать everypony your promotion papers.
Larry: That's right, I have to get going now.
Boss: *Closes the door*
Larry: *Thinks about everything in the suitcase* Twenty five thousand dollars, free tickets to a Dodger's game, the papers for my promotion, and a new mansion with an 80% discount. *Sees a taxi stop for him* Things are going well. *Gets into the taxi*
Pierce: *Stops his car in front of the taxi*
Taxi Pony: *Honks the horn* Переместить that car out of my way!
Pierce: Not until I get my promotion!! *Gets out of the car, but stops when he sees Larry* Mr. Wilcox?
Larry: Step on it, get us out of here!

Song (Put the speed at 1.25): link

Taxi Pony: *Backs up, then floors it away from Pierce*
Pierce: *Gets back in his car and follows the Taxi*
Tom: *After dropping off the mare at her mother's house, he spots the car chase* What's this? *Sees Larry in the taxi getting chased by Pierce* Something's fishy here. *Turns around, and chases the taxi*
Bob: Tom just turned around. *Turns around* And he's chasing Pierce and a taxi.
Karl: What are Ты three up to?! *Turns his car around, and follows them*
Taxi Pony: Эй, man, we're being followed. What do we do?
Larry: Shut up and keep driving!
Taxi Pony: *Turns left onto East Aloha Street*
Pierce Tom Bob and Karl: *Following the taxi*

They turned onto Boyleston Avenue, then took another left.

Taxi Pony: *Driving on a narrow road between a highway on a bridge and houses*
Pierce: That slimy scumbag must have gotten that promotion and screwed the four of us over.
Taxi Pony: *Hits a station wagon as he continues driving*
Larry: Эй, watch it!
Taxi Pony: Эй, man, you're telling me to floor it. Let me lose them, или get out and escape on your hooves. *Turns right*
Pierce & Tom: *Behind the taxi*
Bob: *Hits a panel фургон, ван as he turns right*
пони 398: *Gets out of the van* Эй, you!!!
Karl: *Also hits the фургон, ван as he turns right*
пони 398: What have I ever done to Ты guys?!!?
Taxi Pony: *Going over 70 miles an hour*
Larry: Take a right here!
Taxi Pony: *Turns right*
Pierce: *Goes too fast and misses the turn. He quickly turns around, and crashes into Bob as he starts chasing the taxi again*
Taxi Pony: *Sees two cars blocking the road* Looks like a bad accident. *Turns around, but is blocked off by the four ponies*

The song fades away as Larry runs out of the cab, and into a movie theater. The four stallions followed Larry in there, but none of them realized the год 1960 was on the theater where movie titles are placed.

Larry: *Running pass an usher*
Usher: Hey, where's your ticket?!
Pierce Bob Tom and Karl: *Run into the theater, but are stopped by the usher*
Tom: Эй, we need to stop that stallion! It's a matter of life and death!
Bob: *Runs passed*
Pierce Tom and Karl: *Following Bob*
Larry: *Running upstairs and into a theater room*
Tom: Okay, Ты guys check the other rooms, I'm checking upstairs. *Goes upstairs*
Larry: *Hiding in the theater*
Tom: *Arrives* Hello Wilcox.
Larry: Эй, wait a minute-
Announcer: Fillies and gentlecolts, please enjoy the movie, 1960.
Tom: What?! *Looks at the movie screen*

Song: link

Tom: *Watching the opening credits and sees his name* I see what's going on!! This isn't real! Ты were using us for a movie!! *Tries to take the suitcase*
Larry: *Holding onto it. It looks like they're dancing with the suitcase between them*
Announcer: Please refrain from dancing until the movie is over.
Tom: We're not dancing, we're fighting!!!
Announcer: Please refrain from that as well.
Tom: *Grabs the suitcase and runs away*

The song fades away as Tom runs out of the theater.

Tom: I did it! I got the promotion!!
Mare: *Stops Далее to Tom in a Corvette convertible* Эй, Tom.
Tom: I thought Ты were visiting your mother.
Mare: I was, but I was told to do a duet with Ты for the ending of this film.

Song: link

Tom: Alright, let's do this, but I'm driving.
Mare: *Slides over for Tom to drive*
Tom: *Drives the car* Okay, let's bring some tears to someone's eyes with this song. *Sings* Oh I Любовь you. Yes I do. After what we've been through. It's clear to me that you're the one.
Mare: Oh yes I know. I am the one. I'm glad to be the one. The perfect one for you.
Tom: Everyone knows, that we are good. Very good for each other. We'll always Любовь each other, and never part.
Mare: And now that we are singing, about our Любовь for each other. It's time for the ending credits.

Pierce Hawkins

Tom: Эй, look, there's the name. Of a пони I raced here.

Tom Foolery

Mare: And there's your name, such an awesome sounding name.
Tom: Yes I know.

Bob Newhart

Mare: And while we are singing, a camera now points in front of us, to Показать the viewers what we're driving past.
Tom: A pleasant view. Yes it is. A very pleasant view. A clear blue sky and the bright sun.

And Rick Jones as Karl Grimes

Mare: There seems to be only one пони that played as a character, with a name different from his own.

Also starring Pinkie Pie as Leslie Grimes

Tom: Oh no, he's not the only one.
Mare: Oh yes you're right, there's Pinkie Pie.

And Larry Wilcox

Tom: And finally there's my boss Larry Wilcox.
Mare: How will he react when he finds out you're getting promoted?
Tom: He already knows, about it. He tried to steal it from me. But thankfully I got this away from him.
Mare: Now we must get to the airport, and fly back into L.A. And get there before he does.
Tom: And change it so it says that I'm getting promoted, and not him.
Mare: I know we'll make it on time.

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production

The Leader In Фан Fictions

Tom: How does he know he's the leader in Фан fictions?
Mare: A dozen people told him that he was.

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