8theGreat's World Some Иконки I made, some old and some new. Which do Ты like the best?

Pick one:
Allen 1
Allen 2
Allen 3 (I have a lot of him, by the way. 'Cause he's my son)
Allen 4
Allen 5
Allen 6
Miss Fame
Death the Kid 1
Death the Kid 2 (I still really like this one)
Death the Kid 3
Death the Kid 4
Amy Sorel
Homura 1 (I really like this one myself)
Homura 2
Momoko and Ichigo
Coloured this to look like Winston.
Also coloured this to look like Winston.
Some macarons
Some Цветы
Something that's kind of cool and symbolic-ish?
A thing I made for a school thing. For my creative Письмо class. Pretty edgy.
 8theGreat posted Больше года
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