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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
It's been four years since Jamie passed away. I sat in Reverend Sullivan's house on the couch. или to be еще specific, my father in law's house. He and I talked for a bit about how I was accepted to medical school. Then all of a sudden he сказал(-а) to me.

"I have something for you." He left the room and came back with an envelope for me. It was addressed to me in Jamie's hand. "She wanted Ты to have this a few years after she passed." He explained. I handled the envelope carefully, it was a bit brown with age, but still neat and crisp. "I'll go make some лимонад and give Ты some time to look at...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
The night air was cool as Landon laid in постель, кровати Далее to his wife, watching her sleep. It had been three months since they were married, and every день Jamie's health declined. However, being the woman she was, Jamie didn't let it stop them from having the best time they could.

His Друзья had taken some convincing, but once they saw how much he loved Jamie, they started to come around. He was shocked by how much Dean had changed his attitude. He had apologized for everything, and even accepted her as a friend.

As he watched her sleep peacefully he knew that he didn't have much еще time left with...
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Chapter 9- Song for the Lonely

December 1st was the funeral of Cynthia Grace Carter. Landon, Susie and Hegbert planned the funeral. The last few days it was just too hard to
describe. The Taylors helped in every way they can. Jamie and Hegbert were walking around. Jamie tried to calm down her father.

"I can't believe she's gone," сказал(-а) Hegbert

"Dad I'm so sorry," сказал(-а) Jamie

"This is like when Ты mother died, I can't believe Cynthia is dead too" сказал(-а) Hegbert.

Hegbert went away and Jill came up to Jamie.

"Jamie I am so sorry," сказал(-а) Jill

"Thanks Mrs. Taylor" сказал(-а) Jamie

"Call me Jill," сказал(-а) Jill

"I couldn't"...
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Chapter 7: The first kick

All день Sunday Tim, Jill, Mark, Al and Wilson moved the baby's stuff in that empty room. Randy and Jamie were painting the room, a little green because they don't know what the baby is. Jamie looked down at the floor and had a flashback


Jamie was Пение Only Hope

There's a song that's inside of my soul

It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again

I'm awake in the infinite cold

But Ты sing to me over and over again

So I lay my head back down

And I lift my hands

and pray to be only Yours

I pray to be only Yours

I know You're my only hope

Sing to me the song...
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Chapter 5: Whenever Ты Call

Jamie was walking down the улица, уличный and she two elderly couples walking by and she was thinking that'll be her and Landon one day. Jamie looked at
something and it reminded her of her mother.

Then time froze.

Jamie looked at her watch and it was '2:09 p.m.'

Then a women with blond hair like Jamie's hair. She was an in glitter black dress. It was Jamie's mother Elizabeth Sullivan.

"Jamie is that you?" asked Elizabeth

"Are Ты my mom Elizabeth Sullivan?" asked Jamie

"Yes look how big Ты are, how old are you?" asked Elizabeth

"24" сказал(-а) Jamie

"Well I see who Ты look like"...
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