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 escape from the citadel
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got some old escape from citadel pics i need to post eventually so...
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This Время приключений с Финном и Джейком Фан-арт might contain аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

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(ok sorry for the long long long long long delay but finally i can continue)


Pb: finn, jake would Ты like to stay for dinner?

Jake and Finn: sure ok

Pb: great! now ill go check on emily oh and just wait out in garden (she сказал(-а) as she headed out of the room and onto the stairway leading to emily's room)

(she climbed the stairs and finally made it to the вверх and walked over to the door of emily's room)

Pb: Emily?(she сказал(-а) as she knocked on the door)

Emily: come in (she replied from inside the room)

(pb came into the room and saw emily sitting on the edge постель, кровати with her head on her knees,...
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This song reminds me of what I've been 4 years ago.

Talent goes by.
Ты won't achieve anything!
You won't get there!

"I can't let Ты block my view..."

A sad intro to a song..

And the song goes on.

You want me to be someone else
You want me to change myself so Ты can live
It won't happen again, again
You want me to live my life
Thinking that I can't achieve my best
Oh, well talent goes by
Talent goes by, talent goes by...
Talent goes by, talent goes by...
Talent goes by, talent goes by...
Talent goes by, talent goes by...
Talent goes...
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One day, Finn and Jake were playing BMO games at Главная while Fionna and Cake were Adventuring by fighting an evil monster near Finn and Jake's grassland kingdom. Then the evil monster threw Fionna and Cake so hard all the way to Finn and Jakes treehouse that the Стена has crashed. Fionna сказал(-а) "What?, another house of our's?"then Finn suddenly saw Fionna and сказал(-а) "Who are Ты and what are Ты doing at my house?", Fionna сказал(-а) "Well,what are Ты doing at MY house!?" Then Jake saw Cake lieing at the floor and сказал(-а) "Finn!, we got an intruder!" and Finn сказал(-а) "There is also one here...." And Fionna...
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