Stranger: Tell me what's troubling you
You: Life -.-
Stranger: What about it?
You: Drama D:
Stranger: like what
Stranger: I got nothing better to do, fill me in
You: Well, see, I have a friend, that I really like...
Stranger: And?
You: He doesn't feel the same...):
Stranger: Such is life
Stranger: Plenty of рыба in the sea, que sera sera
Stranger: What will be will be
Stranger: You'll be okay
You: (:
Stranger: Uh..okay
Stranger: Was that it?
You: Well, he acts like we're going out, its strange.
Stranger: What do Ты mean?
You: I always hang out with him at school, and once school finishes, he'd Kiss me goodbye and hug me (:
You: Its really confusing.
Stranger: If he told Ты he doesn't like Ты then he doesn't mean anything by it
Stranger: Did he tell Ты или are Ты just guessing?
You: I heard his friend telling him we should go out, and he сказал(-а) no.
You: Like 4 times -.-
Stranger: He could've just been embarrassed..
Stranger: Either wya, I don't know.
Stranger: Just don't get caught up on things like this
You: Yeah...
Stranger: So is that really it?
Stranger: When Ты сказал(-а) "life" I was expecting a serious existential crises.
Stranger: I'm a little dissapointed, to be honest
You: Haha trust me, I have alot еще problems.
Stranger: Tell me, I got all night
You: I got my cellphone taken away because my parents saw that I was just using it for bad things. I can't talk to my current boyfriend and well I'm afraid he might, get over me soon):
You: He's 17, I'm younger >.<
Stranger: Uhh..."bad things"?
Stranger: My curiousity has been peaked
You: Ugh Well basically sending nudes and stuff.
Stranger: I agree with them
Stranger: Anyway
Stranger: It's just a cellphone
Stranger: Big deal
Stranger: I've had mine for 2 years and I've made maybe 3 calls on it
Stranger: But I guess that's because I'm a loser with no life....anyway, Ты and your boyfriend will probably be fine
Stranger: But like I сказал(-а) before, plenty of рыба in the sea, ect ect.
Stranger: Just don't worry so damn much
You: Yeah...(:
You: But the thing is, I Остаться в живых the trust with my parents.
Stranger: Well, that's your fault for sending pics of your tits around, frankly
Stranger: That sounds harsh but put yourself in their shoes
You: Its my 3rd time getting caught ):
Stranger: 0_0
Stranger: Why...
You: My life would make a dramatic t.v show.
Stranger: You'd think you'd learn after the first time, just WHAT THE FUCK
Stranger: No it wouldn't
Stranger: Ты don't know who Ты are talking to
Stranger: Seriously though-Exposing yourself on camera, for anybody, for any reason=bad idea
Stranger: No ifs ands или buts
Stranger: Nothing good ever comes of that shit
You: I know...
Stranger: So anything else Ты need to get off your chest или what?
You: I've done so many fucked up things that I regret. Idk /:
Stranger: Eh, haven't we all
Stranger: At least your life is interesting, look on the bright side
Stranger: I haven't ;eft the house in weeks and the boredom is driving me insane o_0
You: Haha I know the feeling
Stranger: Ты mean Ты spent your last год of highschool completley alone and talking to strangers on omegle too?
Stranger: Hell, what am I talking about this year?
Stranger: I fucking haven't made a single real friend since 7th grade
Stranger: But I'm sinking into self pity again.
Stranger: TELL ME еще ABOUT YOU!
You: Well, idk. Some guys (like 6-8..) Call me a slut at school. It really sucks /:
Stranger: Well, they're mean
Stranger: Just don't be a slut and forget em'
You: Its hard when they keep stalking me at school and хлопать, привкус my жопа, попка and pants me in p.e
Stranger: Kick them in the balls
Stranger: :)
You: hahaha Yeahh I should ;P
Stranger: So that's it?
Stranger: Whatever, I'm going to bed
Stranger: I'll end with this
Stranger: Look on the bright side
Stranger: Ты are normal
You: Aww :p
Stranger: Ты don't lock yourself inside a room all день giving Совет to strangers that Ты wish somebody would give to you
Stranger: Ты have never had to change your paralyzed mothers diaper
Stranger: Ты have no gone through highschool without making a single actual friend and spending every weekend alone
Stranger: Your life is good
Stranger: It is beautiful
Stranger: Be happy and stop obsessing over things
Stranger: We have enough neurotic morons in the owrld, don't be another one
Stranger: Good night