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This is a behind the scenes interview with DAVID SUCHET - "Insp. Poirot" of the Agatha Christie series - about voicing the famous detective for the new "Murder on the Orient Express" video game.
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Inspired by a line in an Agatha Christie novel called "The Mysterious Affair At Styles". Agatha was a pharmacist before she was a writer. Her knowledge of the various ways to murder via poisoning was quite extensive.
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The late Joan Hickson starred as Miss Jane Marple in her 11th movie that featured the elderly sleuth, created by Agatha Christie. The movie in Вопрос was "THEY DO IT WITH MIRRORS", an adaptation of Christie's 1952 novel.

While paying a visit to her old friend, the American-born Ruth фургон, ван Rydock, Miss Jane Marple is asked to visit the other woman's younger sister, Carrie Louise Serrocold. All three women were Друзья at the same school in Italy when they were girls. Ruth is worried that something is very wrong at Stonygates, the Victorian mansion where...
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Kendall Cassella's latest song...inspired by the Queen of Crime.
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"NEMESIS" (2007) Review

Without a doubt, Agatha Christie's 1971 novel, "Nemesis", is one of her most unusual works. It is not as celebrated as 1934's "Murder on the Orient Express" или her 1926 novel, "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd". But it was the last novel she had written. And it possesses a slow, yet melancholic air that I find very rare in her body of work.

Two adaptations of the novel have aired on British television. BBC aired the first adaptation, which starred Joan Hickson as Jane Marple, in 1987. Twenty years later, the ITV network aired its own version with Geraldine McEwan in the lead....
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"THE MIRROR CRACK'D" (1980) Review

As far as I know, Guy Hamilton is the only director who has helmed two movie adaptations of Agatha Christie novels. The 1982 movie, "EVIL UNDER THE SUN" was the секунда adaptation. The first was his 1980 adaptation of Christie's 1962 novel, "The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side".

A big Hollywood production has arrived at St. Mary's Mead, the Главная of Miss Jane Marple, to film a costume movie about Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I of England, starring two Hollywood stars - марина Gregg and Lola Brewster. The two Актрисы are rivals who despise each...
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"A POCKETFUL OF RYE" (1985) Review

There have been two adaptation of Agatha Christie's 1953 novel, "A Pocket Full of Rye". Well . . . as far as I know. I have already seen the Последнее adaptation that aired on ITV's "AGATHA CHRISTIE'S MARPLE" series in 2009. Recently, I watched an earlier adaptation that aired on the BBC "MISS MARPLE" series in 1985.

Directed by Guy Slater, this earlier adaptation starred Joan Hickson as the story's main sleuth, Miss Jane Marple. The story begins in the Лондон office of financier Rex Fortescue, who suddenly dies after drinking his morning tea. At first suspicion...
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