Akame ga Kill! Make you're own Akame Ga Kill Character

wolfmaster3000 posted on Mar 06, 2015 at 05:28AM
Name :



Height :

Weight : (Optional )

Appearance: (what does you're character look like )

Faction (are you with Night Raid, Revolution, Imperial Army )

History (does you're character have a Bio )

Teigu (I'll allow up to four just to see how creative we can be )

Class (is you're character a General Class, Captain, Gaurd, Teacher, Unknown)

Once Again let's get the blood pumpin all you Akame Ga Kill Fans !!! I know we all have a Inner character that wants to come out let's have a good time !!!!

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Больше года Komodo91 said…
ill Make Characters from the Factions Esdeath Destroyed like the Ban Tribe and Northern Tribe