Later Deidara had a solo mission. As he came back,he saw blood everywhere. All of the other Members were killed,the leader too! The Blonde called for Yuki."Here I am!" a well-known voice came from the closet from Deidara. The Artist opened the Closet. Yuki hid herself in the closet."Who was it,un?"Deidara asked. "It was ANBU,I think",Yuki answered. "I am glad u survived,un",Deidara said. "I am a real world girl",Yuki said,"I can't help but hide." "I didn't know that,un!"Deidara said. "I came from the real world,'til that old man kidnapped me! I am glad he was killed!"Yuki said,still angry about Kakuzu. "But...I am glad Ты are here protecting me." "I promised myself to protect you,Yuki,no matter what happens,un!"Deidara said. It was Yuki's turn now to hug Deidara. "Thanks,Deidara",she said.