Only one NMB representative? I don't think so.
After Чтение the Список of members for the Далее single 'No Way Man' I noticed that something was missing... NMB members. Yes Miru is in the lineup but it only her representing NMB. While other sister groups have еще than one representative except for STU.

Disclaimer: This was not done to hurt members included in 'No Way Man' but it was done to shit on AKS.

9. Kato Yuuka

Uuka is a regular NMB Senbatsu member. She was a contestant in Produce 48 but unfortunately due to the Показать being rigged and biased to who could make it into the finals, she's didn't last long. Fortunately she has the Фаны to back her up and manages to constantly rank in the yearly elections.
Uuka is perfect 🌻

8. Naiki Kokoro

One up and rising member is Kokochan. Like most of MMB members who have been rising steadily, she sound have been included in Senbatsu.
PS: She was also a contestant in Produce 48
Look she's so cute

7. Jo Eriko

How to create drama 101. Create a group. Recruit a young member. Push her to her breaking point until she leaves the group. Wait a while until she realized she wants to be an idol and comes back. Фаны are split. Some hate that she came back others are happy she's back. Now your group is falling behind in sales. What do Ты do? Push a girl who Фаны have a mixed feeling about, when they ask why Ты tell them that she ranked higher than their oshi.
Seriously, adding Jo would cause еще drama than not adding anyone at all

6. Shibuya Nagisa

Remember when Ты guys actually tried to push members that we actually ended up liking. When Tentomochu was a thing and the member shined due to their interesting personalities, they had their own shows, and had good songs for their unit and people were sure that they would be the girls that would be front and center for their respective group but then Ты somehow managed to drop the ball and now only one member came out on top? Justice for Tentoumu Chu!!
Nagisa can do no wrong

5. Yamamoto Ayaka

So you've been pushing a girl for quite some time now why not solidify the push by making her an AKB Senbatsu member. Aayan has been centering B-sides with Sayanee for for two singles in a row. She's been included in AKB singles before so just add her and no one will Вопрос it.
Please start committing to a push

4. Yoshida Akari

Akarin is with out a doubt one of the most Популярное member in 48G. She ranked in Kouhaku Senbatsu, that included members like; Sasshi, Mayuyu, Paruru, Yukirin, Jurina, and Sayanee. She found popularity after starting her YouTube channel and currently has 600K subscribers.
Shes everywhere, she can't be stopped

3. Ota Yuuri

So Ты don't base your Senbatsu picks based on popularity. Fine. But what if I told you, Ты forgot to include a member that you've been hyping up as the Далее ace for years. Yuuri is a Senbatsu regular in NMB and has secured Undergirls position for two years straight. She's a hot member at the moment.
Yuuri waiting for what she's been promised for the past 5 years

2. Murase Sae

If you're going to make a Senbatsu out of Produce 48 contestants, Ты should probably include the member who isn't only rising in popularity in her domestic group but also went viral in Korea for her ending pose. Saepii finished 22nd place in Produce 48.
K-pop idol Saepii

1. Yamamoto Sayaka

Considered to be one of the most iconic 48 members, not including her in a Senbatsu line up disappointing. Sure she's graduating soon but she still has a couple of months as a 48 member. She'll be around for a few stages and then Ты can replace her with any other member Ты want. Seriously how did they not include her?
That not a peace sign, she's telling Ты to add two еще members to the lineup

I really hope this clownery stops soon. Start committing to the girls Ты are pushing. Create new sub units to push younger members give them side activities to gain traction, hell if Ты don't want to invest much money on them give them a small web Показать but ffs don't just airdrop members to Senbatsu let alone an AKB Senbatsu without thinking that Ты won't receive backlash. Again not hating on any members but just a reminder that AKS ain't AKSHIT.

Thank Ты for coming to my TedTalk and stream Sentimental Train.
No tears just чай