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Somewhere above the ocean
Far from the place we know
There is a tiny castle
All made out of snow

Nobody's ever been there
No one of whom I know
But there is a tiny castle
All made out of snow

(da, da da da da da da)
(da, da da da da da da)

Once in a while, at midnight
Something strange begins
Out comes a little snowman
Playing violin

Playing for all whose crying
Trying to heal their hearts
Once they're tired of living
Violin Музыка starts

(da, da da da da da da)
(da, da da da da da da)

Nobody cares about him
Nobody ever will
He is a little snowman
A lonely one, and still

He's playing for all the sad ones
Trying to ease...
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We got to know him only 2 years назад – after his victory in the ESC 2009. Since then Alexander Rybak hasn’t been Остаться в живых among countless European pop-artists and has become one of the most Популярное artists in Europe. Of course, he is loved especially in CIS countries. It’s understandable, because Alexander is Belorussian originally although he represented Norway in the famous song contest. Moreover the musician isn’t tired to repeat in his interviews that he considers himself Russian in the soul.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2011, ended several months ago, also couldn’t take place without...
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Тобою околдован, окрылен,
И строчка песни новой: я влюблен.
Кружат калейдоскопом день за днем,
Мне не до того, я влюблен!

Я влюблен!

С тобою так легко, чудеса!
По небу босиком, небеса.
Смеяться, танцевать, под дождем
И снова повторять: я влюблен!

Друзья не понимают, но и пусть!
А я счастливым быть не боюсь.
В песок, уходит время, как вода,
А я...
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