They always сказал(-а) that I was a bit mad.

I guess that’s why I hear bumble bees and geckos talking to me, and not about allergies или how to save money on my car insurance.

Ты see my dad and my mom is traveling the world for fun. My dad got me some teachers just for me so I won’t have to be in school with the normal kids. But I think it would be fun. I could have real Друзья instead of no one. Also I could also see some real doctors about some of the things that I think of. They are strange. My fathers doctors say that I am perfectly fine, don’t worry, mentally fine, ect., I don’t believe any of it.

Every night I walk out into the rose garden, and look at the Цветы in the darkness. The world looks better without the harsh light playing tricks on you. Tonight as I walked out something caught my eye, a rabbit. I had never seen a rabbit this late at night so I followed it. After the rabbit and I left the garden, The Rabbit stood up on his hind legs and looked at his watch.

“Oh I am late, dear me, today is not going so well, is it now?” The rabbit сказал(-а) shaking its head sadly, as he took a look at his wrist watch. He started to hop away sadly. I followed. This was one weird dream. Never before had I seen a rabbit with a wrist watch.