Alice- Alice Kingsleigh

The Mad Hatter- Tarrant Hightopp

The Red Queen- Iracebeth of Crims

The White Queen- Mirana of Marmoreal

The Knave of Hearts- Ilosovic Stayne

Tweedledee/Tweedledum- *The Same Names*

The White Rabbit- Nivens McTwisp

The Cheshire Cat- Chessur

The Caterpillar- Absolem

The March Hare- Thackery Earwicket

The Dormouse- Mallymkun

The Dodo- Uilleam

The Bloodhound- Bayard Hamar

The Jabberwock- The Jabberwocky

"Glossary of Underland Terms"

Bandersnatch- a creature under the control of the Red Queen

Brillig- 4 o'clock in the afternoon the time Ты begin broiling things for dinner

Crims- the central land of Underland

Downal wyth Bluddy Behg Hid- "Down with the Red Queen" the slogan of the Resistance

ezel- high, go up

fairfarren- farewell, "May Ты travel far under fair skies"

Frabjous day- the день Alice slays the Jabberwocky and frees Underland from the oppression of the Red Queen

frumious- filthy with a very bad smell

Futterwacken- a dance of unbridled joy

gallymoggers- crazy

Gribling- the день Alice will return to Underland

guddler's scut- thief's ass

Gummer Slough- a dangerous swamp of thick viscous mud

Horunvendush Day- the день the Red Queen took control of Underland

Jabberwocky- a deadly creature, the Red Queen's ultimate weapon

Jubjub Bird- a flying creature under the control of the Red Queen

kiotchyn- heads up, pay attention

naught for usal- it's no use trying

noge- go low down

nunz- don't go - not now.

Oraculum- a Calendar of all the days of Underland, each день having its own Название and illustration.

orgal- to the left

Outlands- an untamed land to the west of Witzend

Outlandish- an old language spoken only in the Outlands adopted by the Underland underground resistance as a secret code in the revolution against the Red Queen.

Pishsalver- potion that makes one shrink

Queast- a land to the east, but not in the least

Quillian- the following день after Alice returns

saganistute- a wise person of Поэзия and vision

Salazen Grum- a port city where the Red Queen lives

shukrn- excrement

sloth- slowly

stang- right

slurvish- selfish, self-centered

Snud- southern Underland

Tulgey Wood- a thick wood where Alice meets the Jabberwocky

Underland- the real name for the place Alice calls Wonderland

Upelkuchen- cake that makes one grow

slurking urpal slackush scrum- dirty words of the most foul meaning.

Witzend- a western land where the Mad Hatter and March заяц were born.

yadder- far away - way yadder the Crossling in Snud.

zounder- behind you!