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Алиса в Стране чудес
tim burton's alice in wonderland
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This Алиса в Стране чудес (2010) фото might contain наперсник, эгида, egis, нагрудник, кираса, эгидой, эгис, камзол герольда, tabard, and гербовая накидка.

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"Are Ты comin' Melissa?" asked Rabbit as he took me hand and lead me toward his parents club 'The Rabbit Hole.'
"Yeah, of course," I сказал(-а) slowly, my blonde hair was falling over my shoulders. I was beginning to feel guilty for leaving my mom to take care of my soon to be dying great grandmother.
Rabbit lifted my head with his index finger, and made me look into those makeing-me-melt grey eyes. He was wearing his famous sleak black вверх hat, and suit once again. It was 2009 and he was wearing a suit and a вверх hat on his white blonde hair.
"You want to meet my parents don't you?" he asked in...
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I just Любовь watching trailers in different languages... :)
Тим Бёртон
Алиса в Стране чудес
Джонни Депп
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Wasikowska on "Wonderland"

CREDIT :TIM полиспаст, бертон COLLECTIVE

Mia Wasikowska, the звезда of Alice in Wonderland, discussed her experiences working on the phantasmagorical film with the Los Angeles Times.

How did shooting the film feel to the 20-year-old actress? "Isolating," she said, considering that 90% of the shooting was in front of a green screen. Instead of conversing with a гусеница или Chesire Cat, Wasikowska had to interact with a bit of sticky tape, a Теннис ball, or, at best, a cardboard cutout of the сказал(-а) character.

"I was basically planted in this sea of green," the Australian actress...
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