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One day, Lilly couldn’t sleep. She tried everything like: breath in for 4 seconds, and breath out for 7 seconds.
Lilly: Humphrey, I can’t sleep.
Humphrey: why..not
But instead of a normal why not, Humphrey sounded tired.
Lilly: Humphrey? Are Ты okay?
Humphrey: what! Oh. Sorry, I just had a long день at work, that’s why I sound tired.
I’m not Lilly: Humphrey. Ты voice sounds moany. Where were you.
Humphrey: wait what do Ты mean?
Lilly: Oh so Ты won’t tell me Ты texting let’s see, KATE!
Humphrey: Lilly! Wait! I can explain!
Lilly: Ты cheated on me!
Humphrey: Lilly I was just telling her...
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Scenes from Japenese Аниме "Wolf's Rain" put to the Музыка of Seether's "Fake It"
wolf's rain
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humphrey ran as fast as he could to ge away. But then garth jumped up in the air and tackled them both."dude why are Ты doing this" "why am i doing this me and lily are running away because of Ты two alphas" kate fell to the ground balling because of what humphrey called them."thats why garth thats exactly why" "dude we're sorry bro just get back with kate and i with lily" "what did Ты just say" "you heard me" NO GARTH WE'RE NOT GOING BACK!!! "lily stay out of this" this is your fault alpha Ты did this to me and lily don't expect us to crawl back to Ты guys cause it's not going to happen...
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This is the demo of my Loooong story "Ba'al". It's not even close to being done and it's 28 thousand words. And this is for FanFiction. I'll post it on both sites after I'm done.

Contains violence, lemons, curse words and many more.


.::-/The History Of The REAL Ba'al/-::.

Ba'al is a Название meaning "lord" that was applied to a number of West Semitic gods.

Baal Hadad, probably the most widely worshiped Baal, was worshiped by Arameabs who brought his worship to other parts of the Mediterranean. Early demonologists, unaware of Hadad или that the instances of the term "Baʿal" in the Bible referred...
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Автор note: Sorry people, I was tired and wasn't thinking when I wrote the last two articles- when I wrote that we were surounded by the female wolves-I meant Eve and Lilly surrounded us- ok now Ты understand.

As we were running away from slutty Eve she yelled: hahaha- one of Ты guys will fall in my trap and be mine! They ignored her warning and kept running. Bamm! Humphrey yelped as he fell in a pit trap! I went back to the hole and jumped in. What the Fuck are Ты doing Dillon! Humphrey yelled to me. I'm getting Ты out of here. Then I picked him up, and threw him out of the pit. Humphrey,...
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Alpha and Omega: Missing Parents
by: PurpleDragon02
Special Thanks to:

Chidori1334 for support.

jhilton0907 for the idea that Humphrey was relocated as a pup.

ben15delas for support.

Chapter 1: Humphrey's Flashbacks

It was a calm день in Jasper Park. It was Father's день and Kate had everyone over to help her with her father's gift. Winston, Eve, and Tony would soon be arriving, and she needed all the help she could get. Her sister, Lilly had come, along with her husband, Garth. Kate's husband, Humphrey, was also helping by watching their pups to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

"Humphrey," Kate...
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Since nobody has Опубликовано this scene thought I would
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kate and humphrey vs alphas
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