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Scar awoke with Humphrey by her side. She gripped him also crying. It was awfully hard too
“Scar, we’re not doing that. I’m married and it would be disrespect to Cando.”
“I don’t want to do it. I’m just upset and I’m gripping Ты for love.”
Humphrey remembered Kate was going hunting and since Cando was gone, he was дана another chance.
“Hey, Scar, I have to go hunt.”
“I thought Ты were banned from hunting.”
“Well, since Cando is gone, I’m being дана another chance.”
“Ok, go ahead.”
Humphrey headed out to the hunting field.
“Humphrey, you’re late,” Hutch said.
“Sorry, Scar really needs someone right now.”
“She should Переместить in with Mooch,” Kate said.
“That’s not a bad idea. He doesn’t have a mate.”
Kate came up to a few caribou.
“Hutch, attack!”
Hutch missed the caribou and they headed out.
“Stampede coming!” Kate said.
This time the stampede came from both sides.
“Oh crap! Everyone duck! Crawl to safety!”
Humphrey was taking a dangerous risk, “Kate, I’m going to get the truck! I’m going to come back and get Ты three!”
“Ok, hurry!”
Humphrey ran to the truck and started driving. It was a jump to rescue, just like what happened about four months ago, except with a car. He jumped but the landing failed.
He came down and landed on the rear bumper. He started flipping and hit caribou on these flips. He did at least 12 barrel rolls and 4 front flips. Kate ran ahead to Humphrey. The stampede turned right.
“Humphrey! Are Ты ok?”
“Oh! I have a few scratched and scars, but other than that, I’m ok.”
They heard the stampede come back around.
“Come on Humphrey work Ты way out!”
“Ahh! I’m stuck! Go!”
“Retreat! Leave me, just save yourself.”
“Humphrey, I’m not leaving Ты here!”
“Yes Ты are! Save yourself and don’t worry about me.”
“Alright, I will.”
“Don’t make me regret this.”
Kate ran to the холм, хилл where she was safe. The stampede sent the truck airborne. The truck fell down a cliff. The truck exploded on impact with Humphrey in it. Kate slowly came to the edge of the cliff. She collapsed to the ground in disbelief.
“First Cando, now Humphrey! It just has to happen!”
They arranged a funeral for Humphrey and Cando both.
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Okay, area and all Ты three musketeers, area, Gamer, and journeyer. If Ты think Ты know еще about tech than me, bring it the fuck on. OmegaKing, don't get involved with this, don't PM me, etc. I want to see legitely JUST how smart these guys are at tech, because they call me a 14 год old, who is 'Awwww, just so proud of himself!', when I know еще about this shit than they ever will.

No looking Ответы up, I will know if Ты do, I can pick those things out. So... let's see how much еще Ты REALLY know about tech than me. I'm sure I have Ты beat when I say Maxwell.
I'm speaking for area here including other people. And to create a place where everyone can feel welcome for who they are and what they Любовь to express.

From what I can see, seems most members voted on that FanFiction suggestion poll. And I will write for him. If he minds this, I will do something about it.

The fight was pretty bad, and MojoOmegaWolf was really bad and hurtful: Calling him delusional, insulting the way he grew up, telling him that he doesn't care about others, commenting rude on people's works, encouraging people to do action against him, etc. That was wrong.
It's not just him....
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Yesterday, there was an incident involving my Meebo account and my phone. People, who shall remain nameless, were told through these media by an individual pretending to be me that "I slept with SweetsOmega!" This is most definitively not the truth. I Любовь Sweets to death, but not in that manner. This individual, who shall remain nameless against my better judgement, was allowed to use my laptop yesterday for a few hours while I repaired his. He was NOT, however, told he could use my phone, but took it upon himself to do so anyway. Using my phone early in the morning, and my laptop in the afternoon,...
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"Can't border patrol wait?" Hutch сказал(-а) to himself as he stirred from his deep sleep. It was another average день for him: Patrol the border, Hunt, Сообщить the day's findings, and many more. It was a everyday rut for him, he was dug in a rut which had no end in sight. "Might as well get it over with." Hutch got up and stretched his muscles which were sore from yesterdays duties. "That tussle with the coyote yesterday sure did it to me." Hutch сказал(-а) in a irritated tone, the coyote which he had to deal with yesterday gave him a run around he hadn't had in years. Hutch started to walk out of the den...
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together in an unholy worth
one или the other
father and mother
i am thinking that when i try to sleep
i better not become too deep

will i ever sleep in consciousness again
dont want to feel fear
hybred i cant hear
never thinking that the claws of deadly force
could shred and kill of course

why do i feel so dead now
i will not see tomorrow this time
because my anxiety is destroying me!!!

i feel claws shred
in my soul (the hybred will kill)
dont Ты know that i wasn't ready
for death to come and (collect my soul)
dont want to let go dragging me, screaming into a grave
in my soul (the...
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please excuse the weird format, once I get my computer I will fix it
I remember, 5 months назад I barely joined Fanpop after watching Alpha and Omega. I was new didn't know what to do until I Опубликовано my first picture. A lot of people прокомментировал(-а) and enjoyed it. It seemed like everyone had something to say and it really made my day. After awhile a lot people introduced me and we got to be really close Друзья because we had one "main" thing in common, we Любовь this club and we wanted to see it prosper.
I joined one my other Избранное movie's club. I felt left in conversations, no really got close,...
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Found this little clip via the "Lionsgate Shop" Youtube channel, enjoy.
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all credit to Nice peter, and Epic Lloyd on their ERB channel. And I'll be posting several of these to maybe lighten the mood from the pointless fight xP
not a&o related
The song was played when the two волк packs fight
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