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I woke up early the Далее morning once the golden light from the rising sun graced my eyelids. Kate and I were embraced tightly together to keep warm, her breasts felt like soft pillows smashed against my chest. The air about the кабина of the Bronco was cold and dry, when I exhaled my breath could be seen vividly. The steam that we had created from our lovemaking the night before had Холодное сердце to the inside of the windows overnight. Kate snored softly, a soft, mesmerizing sound, beautiful. Her hair was messy from the Назад night's events as well, but she still looked sexy as ever, naughty even. I wanted to lay there and watch her until she woke, but knew we had to get on the road again, we would be in Jasper by nightfall hopefully if we made time. We needed to get there tonight, I had heard the weather was calling for a massive winter storm system that would descend rapidly from Alaska and into lower Canada by midnight. I leaned вперед and kissed Kate, I moved my right hand from around her body and rubbed her left ear too. Her eyes fluttered open and she kissed me back before pulling away.
"Morning already?" Kate asked, sitting up, and looking around, making sure to draw the blanket up to cover her breasts in case anyone was watching.
"Yep, and if we get going here soon, we should be in Jasper by nightfall, about 500 miles to go."
"Well then we better get going!" Kate said, transforming into feral form.
I pulled my clothing on and climbed over the сиденье, место, сиденья back and into the driver's seat, I started the Bronco and let it warm up. I had to run inside and use the restroom while it warmed up, Kate being in feral form just hopped outside and squatted down to urinate.

When we took off from the steakhouse parking lot, the town of Deveron was dead, not a car roamed the streets, everyone must have had a New Year's hangover going on. It was a small town, not much bigger than back home, and soon we were once again up to speed on the Alcan highway. The wind was blowing like no other, certainly proceeding that big storm system. It was not very cold out though, I guessed high 30s или low 40s, but the wind had a nasty bite to it. Kate curled up and went back to sleep for a few hours, I played the Музыка on the iPod low so it would not wake her. Wishing I could catch up on a few hours of sleep myself, but had to keep going. Once to Jasper I could rest and sleep in for a few days. The highway was deserted today, only one truck went by in the oncoming lane, dead heading (semi with a empty trailer) I guessed because he was going pretty fast, или late on a delivery. Truckers start losing money if they are late to their destinations. I watched the mileage signs count down the miles, it seemed like ages, but finally we came upon a sign that сказал(-а) we only had 100 miles to go. The день was nearing it's end, the sun dipped low in the west, presenting a nice sunset. Kate was looking around curiously, probably for signs of nearing her Главная territory.
All день I had been pondering about meeting Kate's parents and pack members for the first time. How would they react to a human dating their daughter? Would they accept me like a brother или not? I was a bit worried, Kate was tamed by now, but her brethren were still wild. или would they be terrified of me? Most Животные flee from humans and hide out of our reach. All these thoughts swirled around in my head as I watched the road and scenery slip by.
"We're almost there!" Kate exclaimed excitedly as a sign saying 10 miles to go slipped by, her tail and body wriggled with excitement.
"You're gonna be the navigator Kate! Ты Показать me the way baby!"
Kate smiled, "that won't be too hard!"

So I followed Kate's directions, off the highway and down a bumpy road, as we went further, the road got rougher and narrower, branches scraped along the sides of the Bronco. I was glad now that we had not brought my new truck along.
This road continued for about 6 miles when we came to a clearing leading up to a familiar steep hill, with what appeared to be lined with holes, волк dens. I remembered seeing this from the movie! I brought the Bronco to a halt and shut it off. It was then I noticed light snow falling from the sky, the wind had ceased at last. The place was silent and still when we got out, but I soon noticed yellow eye glinting from the darkness of some of the dens, some growls were heard.
"Jon, get back into the Bronco and wait for me to come back okay?" Kate told me.
I did not hesitate, and got back into the safety of my Bronco, I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach already. I grabbed my taser and switchblade нож off the dash and put them in my pocket for безопасно, сейф measure. I did not want to kill any of Kate's pack members, but if came down to my life или one of theirs, so be it, I had a son and daughter that needed me, I was not going to leave them Остаться в живых and unprotected in this world, I would not go down without one hell of a fight either. So I waited for Kate, she had made her way to the topmost cave with a lip overlooking the valley. I remembered how she had sat on the edge of that lip during the movie when Lilly had combed her tail with a pinecone. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Kate emerged from the cave, followed by a large old gray wolf, and a персик colored wolf. Winston and Eve. Other Волки were emerging from their dens, I recognized a few of them, Hutch and Cando, Garth and Lilly, Humphrey, Sweets and Candy, Reba and Janice, and to my displeasure, Marcel and Paddy came from somewhere. I thought waterfowl migrated during the winter? Kate and her mom seemed to be having a disagreement about something, I knew it had to be about me. All the Волки surrounded my Bronco, eyeing it curiously, some stayed back for fear it might come after them, they were all trying to squint in at me, but I knew only my outline was visible.
After Kate and Eve quit bickering, Kate strolled up and tapped on the door, "come out Jon."
I could hear the timidness and upset in her voice, this was not going to end well. I reached down and pulled the latch on the door and swung it open, a few of the Волки jumped back, I got out, shut the door and looked around at them all. Not a sound could be heard except for the sound of snowflakes hitting the ground softly.
"This is Jon everyone!" Kate сказал(-а) nervously, "he is my mate, we have been together for almost a год now!"
A few murmurs came from the crowd of wolves. Eve's voice sounded out, "Kate I can't believe you, all this time I thought we raised Ты right and here Ты are dating a human! Do Ты have any idea what they have done to us? Humans have hunted us for our fur, and decimated our prey populations here in Jasper! They pollute our air with these big hunks of steel!" Eve pointed at the Bronco.
"Human, I don't know what Ты think Ты are doing dating my daughter, but it is no more! Ты will never see her again!" It was then Eve took Kate by the scruff and began to drag her away from me.
"Kate, no!" I tried to go and get her back, but at that moment a волк latched on to my ankle and I fell down to the ground, and was being dragged away roughly, to where I did not know. I tried to kick at the волк that was dragging me, but no matter how many times I tried, I could not locate his head. If I could just get to the Bronco, the keys were still in the ignition. I had to break free, I looked up and got a good view of the wolf's head, brought my leg back, and delivered a devastating blow to the side of his head, I was on my feet in an instant, taser and нож drawn. One волк charged and jumped, I used my right arm to send him sprawling. I zapped the taser, the sound of the crackling seemed to put the Волки on hold. I could now see that it was Cando, Hutch, and some other волк I did not know attacking me. I advanced upon all three of them.
"Now listen here Ты fuckers, Ты are going to take me to Kate right now, and let us go free, got it?"
Apparently not, because Cando lunged at me, but I dropped kicked him right square in the chest and knocked the wind out of him, he went sprawling. Hutch and the other волк tried as well, but were not match for my moves, and soon lay sprawled out like Cando, tased from my stun gun. I then turned and made my way back to the dens in my Поиск for Kate. I would not let her be taken from me, even if it meant doing some serious harm to any волк that tried to stop me.

I made my way to the side of the Bronco, crouching down I peered across the капот, худ and looked around, the coast was clear. I kept the taser ready, and the нож drawn too, ready for anything to come at me. I advanced up to the topmost cave where I had seen Kate's parents emerge earlier, I pried my ears to listen. No sounds could be heard from the cave. I peered in, to my surprise, Winston and Eve were curled up and sleeping, but no Kate, they must have confined her in a different cave.
I silently tiptoed across the opening of the cave and made my way around the other side. The snow was falling heavier now and was starting to stick to the ground, everything was eerie quiet, it was always like this when it snowed it seemed like. I could see two pairs of footprints in the mud leading down a small trail, I assumed that one had to belong to Kate. Finally I came to a small stand of bushes and could make out the details of a cave opening in the distance, voices could be heard. One was Kate's the other was Humphrey. What the hell was he doing talking to my wife? Either way, I was not afraid of confronting him, if I could take on three Betas and win, an Omega would be no match. I barged in, and looked around, what I saw about made my сердце трещина, сплит in two. Kate and Humphrey were nose to nose. Anger boiled up in me like a steam engine.
"What the fuck is this?" I yelled, both jumped and looked around at me, Kate's eyes widened, and Humphrey's showed great fear. He better be scared, because I was about to choke him to death.
"It's not what Ты think Jon, it isn't!" Kate insisted.
"That's bullshit, Ты guys were kissing!" I snapped.
"Yeah we were kissing, got a problem with it bro?" Humphrey сказал(-а) bravely, stepping closer to me.
"Unless Ты wanna die right now, I suggest Ты don't come any closer Ты insolent little shit!"
Humphrey muttered something under his breath and turned away and sat in a corner of the cave, I turned back to Kate.
"I can't believe Ты Kate, all this time I thought Ты were the one that I could trust and live with the rest of my life, guess I was wrong!"
"You don't understand! I thought Ты would be dead so it would be okay, he was comforting me and it worked up to that!" Kate retorted. I wasn't buying any of it though.
"You know it would take a lot еще than three Волки to finish me off dammit!"
I pointed at Humphrey, "have Ты not forgotten all the despair this bastard caused you? Remember he left Ты for a guy, a GUY Kate? He's a fucking fag!" I roared.
"Don't call him that!" Kate snapped, her voice rising.
"I am gonna call him whatever the fuck I want to! Be thankful I haven't bashed his skull in with a rock yet!" I thundered.
Kate's eyes turned cold and she got right up into my face.
"You are such a ignorant asshole! I can't believe I ever became mates with such a douche bag!"
"Oh so your basically breaking up with me then?"
"Fuck yeah I am!" Kate spat.
"What about our son huh? Just going to leave him without a mom? He ain't coming here to live with Ты I can tell Ты that!"
"I don't give a shit! Just get out of my life Jon, go back to your miserable little life!"
That one hurt me, but I was too mad to feel it.
"Fine!" I yelled in her face, shoving her back away from me, then spun around and stormed out of the den.
The snow was falling harder now, and I struggled a bit up the hill, once I crested the top, I marched in the direction of the Bronco. I got in the truck and slammed the door so hard all the windows rattled, turned over the ignition and floored the accelerator. The engine roared loudly, and a Фан ремень, пояс, пояса screeched out from the sudden stress. I put it in drive and floored it, the tires spun gravel up and the deafening sound of them pelting the quarter panels could be heard. I then looked to the left and saw Humphrey running along side of me, I rolled down the window.
"Get the hell outta here Ты fucking coward!" He yelled, that did it.
I slammed on my brakes and brought the Bronco to a halt, reached behind the сиденье, место, сиденья and grabbed the tire iron.
"I am gonna kill that mother fucker!" I growled, wrenching the door open and lunging at Humphrey, he dodged and began to turn tail and run back in the direction of the caves.
"Who's the coward now fucker?" I yelled at him as he ran. I then got back into the Bronco and peeled out of there, keeping the Bronco floored the whole way out. I performed a satisfying drift once I embarked on the main highway because of the slick surface. The Bronco kept fishtailing around because of the ice, so I put it in 4-Hi to stop that. I was so mad, the faster I went, the better I felt. I wanted to get as far away from Kate as possible. I couldn't imagine having to break this to our, well my son now. He was mine, I would never let Kate have custody of him, ever.

So I kept romping along, mile markers were passing faster than normal, still the snow fell harder and thicker, making it difficult to see. I glanced down at the speedometer, 85, I never thought the Bronco could go this fast! In the one секунда it took for me to look down, I looked back up and saw a sharp corner rapidly approaching.
"Oh shit!" I exclaimed, mashing on the brakes and cutting the steering wheel to the right. Why did I even try? The Bronco kept going straight for the guardrail, all four tires locked up. I braced myself for the impact. The 5,600lb SUV smashed through the rail, the sound of splintering wood, and the earsplitting sound of twisting metal cut through the silent night. The Bronco launched up and nose dived into blackness, it landed on a steep slope. I held on for dear life as I saw a massive дерево хобот, ствол laying across the path coming into view. The Bronco smashed into this and launched my body into the steering wheel, the one time I didn't wear a seatbelt. I felt my face strike the wheel, and everything went black.
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Y'all didn't believe me when I сказал(-а) I had A&O 5 news that was secret. Remember when I сказал(-а) my team and I bypassed a 4key 32 bit encrypted site for on lionsgate telling us it would be here soon!!! Now look! In your faces fools!!! LOL no offense really

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Anna asked, “ what for” and Luetsun responded, “ I may need to command some Собаки defending the druids.”
Anna stepped aside and said, “ by all means.”
Luetsun went to the center of the cavern and began howling the haunting tune of Annakkuu.

He then went to Annakkuu’s court, bowed at the drakes paws and said, “ Annakkuu, if Ты predicted the Mexico job, I’m sure Ты know what I’m going up against.”
Annakkuu responded, “ I do, Luetsun, sometimes, one must do what he does not want to, however, if it is right, then it must be done. I will not allow Ты to alter time, so you...
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With that, the two started on a southward run. At sunset, they stopped their run and set up a fire. Then, after the sun went down, they noticed another light. They went to check it and nearly jumped out of their skins. There, in a clearing, was an Stonic decadent. The two hid behind a rock and Luetsun whispered, “ hey, why don’t we try to scare them?”
Rufus responded, “ how much time have Ты spent with those omegas?”

Luetsun responded, “ well, I have a plan.”
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My name is Al. I am an alpha of the western pack. I graduated at the вверх of my alpha class. I am trained in various survival and combat skills. Up until the marriage between Kate and Humphrey I trained hard. Because I wanted to attract mates and other cute Alphas. But since the marriage everything went south and know alphas are graduating and marrying weak omegas.

I'm not an ordinary Alpha. I have special powers. Not like breathing огонь and flying. But being able to spawn portals with my mind and being able to go back или вперед in time. All I have to do is think the time period I want...
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