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Kate woke the Далее morning to sun streaming in her den, at first she was taken back by her surroundings, thinking she would wake up in a comfy постель, кровати with Jon's arm around her. Realizing where she was and remembering the night's Назад events, she got up, stretched and yawned. The glare from the sun off the fresh powdery snow outside was blinding, and Kate squinted as she made her way to the mouth of the den. There was at least four feet of snow on the ground and it came up to her neckline. Traveling through this would be rough and time consuming, but she had to find Jon, he was Остаться в живых out there somewhere. Taking a deep breath, as if she was about to jump into some deep water, Kate plunged into the snow and began making her way in the direction of the highway. At least it was light, fluffy snow and not the heavy wet stuff, this made it much easier for Kate's slender body to cut through the snow. Maybe once she got out of sight from Jasper, she would change into anthro form so she would be taller and be able to get through it easier. The downside to that is she would be completely nude since all her clothing was in the back of the Bronco. No matter, Kate doubted there would be any vehicles on the road with this amount of snowpack. Kate was almost past the dens when a voice caught her by surprise.

"And where do Ты think Ты are going?"
Kate's сердце fell, it was Humphrey. She looked around and spotted Humphrey trudging through the snow in her direction.
"What do Ты want?" She sighed, annoyed.
"I want to know where Ты are sneaking off to." Humphrey сказал(-а) slyly.
"Don't act like Ты are my mate Humphrey, because you're not." Kate сказал(-а) coldly, glaring at the gray Omega.
"Oh? Going back to that human are you?"
"Yes I am, got a problem with it?" Kate asked.
"Actually I do, your mother forbid Ты to go back to him, she told me so last night, and that if Ты tried to escape that I was to try and stop you, или notify your parents, which do Ты prefer?"
By this time Kate was getting really impatient. "Try to stop me and I will kill you!" She snarled at him.
"Is that so?" Humphrey asked turning away from her, "well then I guess I must go notify your parents!"
"Can't we just work something out Humphrey?" Kate asked, "what do Ты want from me that will keep this all a secret?" Kate dreaded having to say that, she had a rough idea as to what Humphrey would request her to do.
Humphrey stopped dead in his tracks and turned back to her, a perverted grin was etched into the corners of his mouth.
"Kate, I've wanted to fuck Ты since the first time I saw you!"
Kate did not want him to violate her Любовь spot, she had never дана him any even when they were mates. Right after marriage Humphrey treated her like shit and was no longer the kind, fun-loving Omega so many knew.
"Why don't I give Ты a blowjob?" Kate asked.
"What the hell is that?" Humphrey seemed taken back.
Kate rolled her eyes, "are Ты serious?"
Humphrey nodded. So Kate had to explain to him what it was, in the end, he seemed really interested.
"It sounds like it may be better than sex!" He exclaimed.
Yeah I doubt Ты have gotten any pussy before! Kate сказал(-а) to herself.
"Alright Humphrey, I will blow you, but I am warning you, if Ты betray me to my parents, I will bite your dick off and make Ты eat it, understand?"
Humphrey gulped, but agreed. Reluctantly, Kate led him back to the логово, ден silently. She knew his eyes were glued to her жопа, попка the whole way, she could feel it.

Without hesitating, Humphrey lay down on his back and spread his legs open. Kate could see that his penis was semi hard in it's sheath. I bet this is gonna be nasty! Kate thought, getting down so her head was between his legs. She used her paws to pull his sheath back behind his bulbus glandis. Kate looked down at the skinny, розовый penis with a disgusted look, she had forgotten how nasty волк penises were! Reluctantly, she began to lick the tip and up and down the shaft to get him hard. It tasted irony and smelled like blood, something that normally made her mouth water. Humphrey moaned and groaned as she did this, this was probably like heaven compared to all the masturbating he had to do to satisfy his sex drive in the past. Now that Humphrey's penis was fully erect, Kate placed her mouth around it and began sucking as fast as she could, she wanted to get this over with quick. She used her left paw to juggle his balls for added stimulation, she swirled her tongue around the shaft and gripped it tightly. Humphrey had a decent sized penis, but nothing like Jon's, only thing that was bigger was his bulbus glandis which was about the size of a Теннис ball, this was used in mating to lock the male and female together so insemination could be complete, humans didn't have these though thankfully, they looked really painful.
Kate suckled down so her lips touched the engorged bulbus glandis, she could feel the tip of his penis poking her throat area. Jon called this deep-throating. Sometimes he had told her that it felt as if she was trying to глотать, ласточка his penis. Humphrey tensed up and she felt his balls contract in her paw.
"Oh Kate..." He groaned, and Kate felt his hot cum shoot down her throat. Kate gagged and released his penis from her mouth. The cum tasted кислый and nasty, she wanted to throw it up all over Humphrey.
"Swallow that Kate." Humphrey commanded her.
Wincing and gagging, Kate managed to глотать, ласточка it all down. She felt the unpleasant feeling of it crawling down her throat and into her stomach. It made her shudder unpleasantly.

"There, Ты got your wish, now I am going!" Kate сказал(-а) turning and leaving the логово, ден without another word to Humphrey. Once out of sight and earshot, Kate forced herself to vomit up Humphrey's cum, the thought of it being in her stomach made her sick. Plus her stomach was not agreeing with it either.
"Fucking nasty!" Kate сказал(-а) to herself as she covered the vomit with snow before continuing on. Once again she snuck by the dens, and this time managed to get to the highway unseen. The snow was fresh and untouched here too, no signs of traffic at all. Kate hoped that Jon was not far away, it was already midday and nightfall would be setting in soon. The days were really short this time of year, especially this far up north. Dreadful thoughts filled her mind, Kate did not know what she would find inside the Bronco once she found it. Was Jon dead или alive? Kate prayed and prayed that he was alright, Kate could not imagine life without him. Plus if he had passed on, Kate had no idea how she would get back Главная to her son. But then again, Kate knew that Jon was tougher than nails and had seen him take some pretty hard hits. One time while they were out in the shop, a big ladder had fallen and struck him over the head, it was a heavy one too, and all it seemed to do was make him really angry, it would have knocked anyone else out she was sure of it. Just the sound it made when it made contact with his skull was shocking. Jon's friend Zach told her that all the fights he had seen Jon in, the harder someone would hit him, the madder he would get, nothing seemed to phase him. These thoughts made her hopeful as she trudged through the deep snow. Jon had to be okay, he just had to. It was cold, but it was not cold enough to freeze to death in, and Kate remembered he was wearing his heavy winter пальто when she was him last.

To make things a little easier, Kate switched to anthro form, she knew there was nobody else out here that could be watching her. Now the snow only came up to her thighs. Her nipples became hard due to the cold, they stood out on end. Kate really admired herself in anthro form. She had the perfect, most delicate looking hourglass figure, her breasts were the perfect size, and she was a neck-breaker! Guys fantasized of bedding her, but that would never happen, girls envied her beauty and in some cases wanted to постель, кровати her as well. Kate knew Zach wanted to lay her, she could see the wanton in his eyes, but he would never get that chance. Katie had a really nice figure too, her breasts were actually a tad bit bigger than Kate's. The two had compared their breast size as well as the curvature of their buttocks, which were the same. Kate's feet were cold, she couldn't wait to find Jon and cuddle up with him in the Bronco. Kate knew Jon would find her a welcome surprise, she dearly hoped that he was not still mad at her for what she had сказал(-а) to him.
The sun was starting to set by now and the air was getting colder, it was so clear out right now, tonight would be горький cold due to lack of облако cover. Kate kept moving as fast as she could, searching for any signs of Jon's location. Finally after a few miles, she came to a sharp curve where the guardrail had been smashed by something heavy, it looked just as it had in her vision the night before. Kate paused for a moment and perked her ears to see if she could hear anything. Nothing. Cautiously, she stepped вперед to the edge of the road, it was nearly a cliff and was very steep. At first it took her awhile to recognize the Bronco it was so covered in snow. Even the spare tire was buried, the only thing she could see was the outline of it, everything else blended in with the surroundings. Kate changed back to feral form, it would make it much easier to descend the slope on four paws. Taking a deep breath, Kate stepped off the ledge, and began making her way down to still form of Jon's old yellow Bronco.
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