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posted by boltrocks2233
Jasper Park, Canada, Fall. The young alphas where getting ready to go to alpha school. Justin was practicing hunting with a rabbit. He was crouched behind a куст, буш getting ready to pounce, when the rabbit saw him!, and quickly dashed away down the long mountainside. As Justin was chasing after him, Alex and Cameal where getting ready to logboard down the same hill. "Are Ты sure this is safe, Alex?" Cameal asked. "No, but dont worry, I was trained by the best!" Alex replied in a confident voice. "Well go on 3." Alex said. "Okay just afew еще questions-" Alex interupted her. "3!" They both darted down the slope. Justin was still after the rabbit, it slid under a log but Justin did several flips to get over it. Alex and Cameal were bumping into this and ramming into that, Cameal was screaming for her life but Alex was having a blast! "I cant take it anymore!" Cameal shouted then jumped off the log. Alex didnt mind, she was having the time of her life how could it get any better? Justin was hot on the rabbit's tail, they where both moving through the brush so fast he barley noticed the rabbit swerve out into the open, he also barley noticed the gray волк logbording twards him. Then...BAM, he was hit, he was now on the log with the other волк still raging down the hill, the log hit a rock and was now spinning, it was a magical moment, the two Волки facing each other both for a moment never wanted it to end. As quick as the moment started it ended, Alex yelled: "Look out!" Justin turned to see they where approaching an upwards slope. The Далее thing they knew they where in the air now of the log. When they hit ground the both started laughing. "Alex!" Kate yelled. "Tell your friend goodbye, its time for dinner!" "Coming Mom!" Alex started walking away when she turned and looked at Justin. "So I guess i'll see Ты later then." No Ты wont," he replied."Im going to alpha school until spring." "Oh well, I'll see Ты then I guess, and by the way, I'm Alex." "Justin." Alex started running twards Kate, Justin watched her until she was out of sight. "Alex." Justin сказал(-а) to himself.

Комментарий if Ты want to hear the rest (good comments)
posted by Kitsune32
Эй, guys. Today's chapter will focus Runt and Magril continuing their date. Enjoy.

Runt's POV

Magril and I were walking the forest looking for a place perfect for stargazing. On the way their we had played with fireflies as they glowed in the eternal darkness of the night. "Do Ты any good spots for us," Magril asked. I looked around and at the corner of my eye, I saw a rose field that had a perfect view of the sky. "Over there. That has a good spot for stargazing," I сказал(-а) to her. "Sweet," she сказал(-а) as we walked to the field and rested on our backs.

We looked at the stars and began to look for...
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