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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2

*The Tokyo Airport*

Nick Wolfe: *Comes out of the door* We're here! Now I've got to get Kate, Humphrey, Garth, and Lilly *Goes to the Pet Pick-Up*

*Pet Pick-Up*

Kate: *Sleeping in a crate*

Garth: *Shaking his crate* I can't believe that they're treating us like dogs!

Humphrey: Technically...we are dogs...

Lilly: He's got a point.

Nick Wolfe: *Enters and sees them* Guys! Let's get out of here!

Garth: Finally...

Nick Wolfe: *Starts to open the crates, and runs out with them*

*Meanwhile, the Darkness Kingdom*

Duke Nero: *Walks into the Feast Room, carrying an unconscious Eve and Winston*

Can-Do: Finally...I see you've brought them.

Duke Nero: Only for the emperor!

Lady Raven: *Has the appearance of a фарфор Doll with purple eyes, purple lipstick, and a black and розовый dress* Nero, you're always so serious.

Duke Nero: Lady Raven...you never focus on the emperor!

Earl Kage: *Has the appearance of Cavalier with a black outfit, a red sword, and green eyes* Ты two are always arguing...

*Tokyo, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Walking with Lilly, Kate, Garth, and Humphrey*

Lilly: *Looking at the big buildings and pretty lights* Wow! It's so beautiful!

Cosplayer: *Walks up to Nick Wolfe* Ohhh can I pet your dogs?

Nick Wolfe: Umm...sure.

Cosplayer: Yay! *Starts to pet Garth* You're so cute!

Garth: *Blushing*

Cosplayer: *Walks over to Kate and starts to pet her* Who's a good girl? Who's a good girl?

Kate: *Thinking to herself* This is soooo awkward!

*Suddenly, people run past them, screaming*

Dark Gun: *Has the body of Dark Kaijin, along with blaster arms, chasing people*

Nick Wolfe: *Sees Dark Gun* I'll handle this! Henshin! *Henshins to Water Wolfe*

Water Wolfe: *Has blue armor, a blue волк mask, and a Aqua Trident*

Dark Gun: *Fires at Water Wolfe*

Water Wolfe: *Dodges and slashes Dark Gun multiple times*

Dark Gun: GAH!

Water Wolfe: *Jumps and prepares a Jump Kick* Hydro Pressure! *Does a Jump Kick on Dark Gun*

Dark Gun: *Destroyed*

Humphrey: Yay!

posted by TeslaFiniarel
0800 local time

My first waking moments of this день were punctuated by the lethargic rhythmic sounds of high powered fighter aircraft landing on the deck above me. I stood up and shook myself, waking myself up in the process. I glanced over at my big brotha Colby, who was still conked out in his bunk. We were in his quarters aboard the USS Ronald Reagan, a Nimitz class aircraft carrier of the US Navy. I'd come aboard ship last night really late in an F-14 owned by Colby, only to have dinner, which was delicious, btw, and be launched back into the sky.

Anyway, for today, we'd made plans to take...
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please, no hating! i know i might've been too harsh on this movie, but i was also being honest
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i wrote this on someones profile.....a bit offensive but i hope they get the idea

no offence i saw what Ты wrote on someone's Профиль about being a furry and what Ты say is wrong....they tell people about furies so Ты get it through your thick skull, that everyone who hates furies don't know what the fuck they are talking about....it also may be a fetish but to some it is something people cant help...i my self am a furry and it wasn't something i chose i just was...now as Ты sit there and say to furies yiff in hell мех fag Ты know it offends us...but would Ты be offended if we сказал(-а) to Ты burn in hell Jewish fag? i believe so...think before Ты open that huge mouth of yours...to all the furry hater cunts out there....oh an FYI... a true jewish person wont say fuck like the amount of times Ты did
Kate got to the логово, ден where Humphrey was just laying on the ground.
“Umm,” Kate said.
“When’s my trial?” Humphrey asked.
Humphrey sighed, “I need a lawyer.”
“I got Hutch for you.”
“Thanks,” Humphrey got up approached the rock, “Maybe playing with the Omegas will help me forget this.”
Humphrey left and went to Mooch’s den, which was the closest.
“Hey, Mooch, I nearly killed Cando and I’m going to trial tomorrow. I just hope playing will help me forget about all this.”
“You almost killed a wolf?” Mooch asked in panic.
“Yup, trial is tomorrow....
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The Волки all gathered around Tony's den, Garth had dragged his body out for everyone to see. Several sobs and sniffs were herd through the crowd. Garth pointed his nose to the sky and let out a deep sorrowful howl. The rest of the Волки followed suit and the whole valley was filled with the beautiful song of mournful howling. Humphrey looked at Tony, the greatest Alpha he had and would ever meet. He had been like a fatherly figure to him in the past months, now gone forever.

Using two hollowed out logs they made a coffin for him and dug a hole and placed it in there. Golden light streamed...
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