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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2

*The Tokyo Airport*

Nick Wolfe: *Comes out of the door* We're here! Now I've got to get Kate, Humphrey, Garth, and Lilly *Goes to the Pet Pick-Up*

*Pet Pick-Up*

Kate: *Sleeping in a crate*

Garth: *Shaking his crate* I can't believe that they're treating us like dogs!

Humphrey: Technically...we are dogs...

Lilly: He's got a point.

Nick Wolfe: *Enters and sees them* Guys! Let's get out of here!

Garth: Finally...

Nick Wolfe: *Starts to open the crates, and runs out with them*

*Meanwhile, the Darkness Kingdom*

Duke Nero: *Walks into the Feast Room, carrying an unconscious Eve and Winston*

Can-Do: Finally...I see you've brought them.

Duke Nero: Only for the emperor!

Lady Raven: *Has the appearance of a фарфор Doll with purple eyes, purple lipstick, and a black and розовый dress* Nero, you're always so serious.

Duke Nero: Lady Raven...you never focus on the emperor!

Earl Kage: *Has the appearance of Cavalier with a black outfit, a red sword, and green eyes* Ты two are always arguing...

*Tokyo, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Walking with Lilly, Kate, Garth, and Humphrey*

Lilly: *Looking at the big buildings and pretty lights* Wow! It's so beautiful!

Cosplayer: *Walks up to Nick Wolfe* Ohhh can I pet your dogs?

Nick Wolfe: Umm...sure.

Cosplayer: Yay! *Starts to pet Garth* You're so cute!

Garth: *Blushing*

Cosplayer: *Walks over to Kate and starts to pet her* Who's a good girl? Who's a good girl?

Kate: *Thinking to herself* This is soooo awkward!

*Suddenly, people run past them, screaming*

Dark Gun: *Has the body of Dark Kaijin, along with blaster arms, chasing people*

Nick Wolfe: *Sees Dark Gun* I'll handle this! Henshin! *Henshins to Water Wolfe*

Water Wolfe: *Has blue armor, a blue волк mask, and a Aqua Trident*

Dark Gun: *Fires at Water Wolfe*

Water Wolfe: *Dodges and slashes Dark Gun multiple times*

Dark Gun: GAH!

Water Wolfe: *Jumps and prepares a Jump Kick* Hydro Pressure! *Does a Jump Kick on Dark Gun*

Dark Gun: *Destroyed*

Humphrey: Yay!

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