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My name is Al. I am an alpha of the western pack. I graduated at the вверх of my alpha class. I am trained in various survival and combat skills. Up until the marriage between Kate and Humphrey I trained hard. Because I wanted to attract mates and other cute Alphas. But since the marriage everything went south and know alphas are graduating and marrying weak omegas.

I'm not an ordinary Alpha. I have special powers. Not like breathing огонь and flying. But being able to spawn portals with my mind and being able to go back или вперед in time. All I have to do is think the time period I want to go to. My dad does not have this power nor my mom. But my great great grandpa had a weird power no one talks about. I wonder

I am very good Друзья with Kate and graduated alpha school with her. But I never expected her to marry a weak omega. But Эй, thats not my call. One time I went back in time to see what Humphrey was like but was not impressed.

Kates POV

I woke up from a nap to hear a knocking at my den. It was Al which is weird because he's one of my father's advisers. I then got up and welcomed him and asked why he was here. He сказал(-а) I need to talk to you. I then сказал(-а) ok come in. I then сказал(-а) don't mind the mess it's been a rough last few days. He then sat down and began to speak


I then began to speak to Kate. I сказал(-а) I was wondering if Ты would like to come to a party at the patch. They'll be Еда fun and berries. She then shrugged her shoulders and said. I'm married know I have responsibilities and I can't be getting drunk. I then сказал(-а) why can't Ты go it's just a get together. She then gave me a weird look and сказал(-а) remember spring break the party Ты threw and the two Волки who Ты fucked. I then turned red and сказал(-а) I never touched them. Sure Ты didn't two alphas too yourself Ты sure we're the playboy. I сказал(-а) I still am and I could have had Ты but Ты know Garth Is a big guy. She then сказал(-а) well sorry I can't go I have to have ужин with Humphrey. Ok I сказал(-а) well if Ты get bored my dens open. By the way Kate what if Ты never married Humphrey. She gave me a weird look and сказал(-а) what do Ты mean. Ты know what if. She then сказал(-а) well I guess I'll never know. Maybe Ты can Kate I said. Ты see I have a gift I can travel through time and take others. all I have to do is have them go through the portal I spawn. She then gave me a weird look and сказал(-а) Показать me this magical power then. I then thought long and hard about graduation of alpha school. Then a portal appeared. Ladys first I сказал(-а) waving my paw towards the portal.

Kates POV

I entered the portal wondering if this волк had gone crazy. I put one paw in unsure and finally walked in. I looked around to see Jasper just the same as it was. I then looked around to see my dad sitting at the rock and tons of Волки gathered. I also saw some Волки that passed away или no longer part of the pack.I then noticed a tug on my tail, It was Al he сказал(-а) don't Переместить anymore they can't see you. If they see two of Ты they'll get suspicious and could break the Космос time conttinum.

I then sat and watched one of the happiest days of my life. It was also a sad день because that день my grandfather passed away. I saw him sitting in the crowd by my grandmother. I so desperately wanted to warn him about his death. I then asked Al can I at least say hi to my grandfather. Al сказал(-а) ok but after the ceremony but remember Kate whatever Ты tell him don't tell anyone your from the future или anyone's fate. He then looked at me with the most serious face and сказал(-а) last rule don't tell anyone's fate или future. If Ты change the future bad stuff could happen ok. Al then stopped talking and sat down and сказал(-а) I'll be waiting here enjoy.

Kates POV

I walked over towards a black grayish wolf. I then approached him and сказал(-а) hi. Ryan my grandfather then turned with a smile on his face. He сказал(-а) Kate congratulations on your achievement I hope Ты enjoy your new role in the pack. He then сказал(-а) here I want Ты to have this Kate it's not much but I think you'll enjoy it. It was a bone handled knife. He then сказал(-а) take care of it and don't lose it, it's one of a kind just like Ты Kate. He then сказал(-а) well I have to go but I'll be over later for ужин so bye until then. He then walked away. I was sad that this was the last time I would see my grandfather. I then walked back towards Al crying and with the small нож hanging around my kneck.


I then saw Kate walking back to me crying. I then asked why Ты crying. She then looked up and сказал(-а) I just сказал(-а) bye to my grandfather for the last time and I couldn't do anything about it. I then сказал(-а) Ты can't going around changing the past it might change the future to much. I then thought of Главная in the present and a portal appeared. I then сказал(-а) to Kate well let's go home. She then went through and then I did.

We got back it was the same time we left. Kate сказал(-а) well I better get back to Humphrey she said, I nodded and сказал(-а) well see later then she winked at me and сказал(-а) sure. She walked off then. I wonder why she winked at me a married wolf. I wonder if I'll regret sharing my gift with others.
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*It was late in the morning in Jasper Park Alex which is me was getting ready for the most dangerous war in Jasper ever his friend голубь wanted to help but Alex had other things on his mind because the enemy pack would arrive in about 2 months so he had to think fast his pack leader Winston was very ill so he couldn't Присоединиться the fight so he put Alex in charge why? Because he was a Храбрая сердцем волк and he knew how to defeat the enemy pack so he walked out of the логово, ден after Письмо in his journal he had Humphrey and Garth sit by the Jasper's protective Gate in case any enemy Волки tried to sneak in. *I...
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(To wolfman02: in this chapter I will see Ты and be walking to you, our conversation will take place in trip to Hastings part 2 или chapter 8)

the strange visit was something else and all to soon the memory of what i had to do and where i had to go tomorrow loomed; the last день of summer was hanging over our heads and tomorrow was the last chance for a while where me and Crystal could be alone and relax and so we decided to go to hastings to see my aunt and perhaps experience some romance on the beach.

The день ended on the low with the worry of the monstrous волк reaping at out minds and bed...
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*At Kate Place*
"Ugh!!..Morning Jhordan" Kate said
"Morning Kate Babe" I Replied Back
" So....You Want To Eat Something With me?Kate Said
"Sure Kate I'd Любовь Too" i Replied back to Her
*Me And Kate Was Going to The Forest to See What We Gonna Get And Kate Found Something Spcail*
"Wow Jhordan Come See This Kate сказал(-а) to me
" What is it Babe?" I сказал(-а) to her
" Whoa What is This?" i сказал(-а) To Kate
" hmm....Looks Like a Wolf!" Kate сказал(-а) Surprised
" Really?!....Wow" I сказал(-а) To Kate
* When me and kate Saw what it is it was a Ghost Wolf*
" Uhh. Jhordan i think it's a...a. GHOST!!" Kate Screamed
" Oh Yeah it is!!! Let's...
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The Далее morning, I didn’t find Humphrey Далее to me. I first thought he was in the bathroom, but the lights were out.
“Humphrey!” I called.
I went to the garage. Sure enough, he was. Bella and Humphrey were talking and rubbing noses.
“Hey, Humphrey! Эй, Bella girl!”
“Hey, man! I was just talking to Bella. She is a very awesome dog!”
I approached the two of them, “She sure is!”
I kissed all over her face like I always do. I Любовь her very much.
“I’ll just leave Ты two to chat.”
I left and Bella and Humphrey continued to talk.
“Uriah has been very good to me. I love...
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They heard a knock on the door, it was Hutch, “Scar, Humphrey, Kate escaped!”
“I think she’s heading to the airstrip to escape!”
“Ok, I’m going, Scar, come with me!”
Humphrey came to the airstrip where Kate was about to take off in one of the MIGs. He pulled right in front the plane, and pulled Kate out of the plane.
“So Ты think Ты can escape huh?”
“Oh, Ты really think you’re going to get me?”
Kate shot Humphrey in the chest, and ran off. Scar ran to Humphrey.
“Oh my God, are Ты ok?”
“Is she gone?”
“Yes, she is!”
Humphrey got up no problem...
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I woke up that morning with adrenaline in me body. I got to go Главная with Humphrey! However, I was concerned. Would my parents like him? I got in Humphrey’s face to wake him up.
“Arr, oh, I don’t like this! It’s uncomfortable arr…” Humphrey woke up, “Ahh! Jeez, Ты startled me!”
I hugged him and got up, “Today is the день we go home!”
“Cool! I’ve never flown on a plane before!”
“I’m also concerned that my parents won’t like you.”
“What!” Humphrey was panicked. I should have сказал(-а) anything.
“They won’t kick Ты out of the house, but they may not give you...
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