Humphrey's POV: it was cold, dark, and I was kind of scared. Kate thinks I'm overreacting, but I'm not.
To be honest, I was scared, a lot. So, after I had ужин I went out for a midnight stroll. Then, I heard a howl, one I've never heard before. I wanted to turn and run, really badly. Then, a волк came out of the bushes, he looked like he was being hunted due to the shoulder wound. He fainted right in front of me. I was able to get him to the cave, but Kate did not have a happy look when I brought him inside.
Kate's POV: I was shocked, Humphrey had brought a strange волк into our home. "Why is there a unknown волк in our den!?" And he replayed "he's hurt, we need to help him." Seriously!? 1: I don't know this wolf. 2: he might hurt the pups. And 3: where did he come from? Trust me, this might not end well.