Альфа и Омега Клыкастая братва Getting to know each other

ArcticWolf115 posted on May 23, 2013 at 08:03PM
well there are some people that know others some that don't so lets get to know each other

here's an example


Eye color:

Fur color:


Favorite food:

Best friend:

Favorite sport:

What are you?(alpha or omega):


favorite activity:

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Больше года ArcticWolf115 said…

Eye color:Changes between ember red and sky blue

Fur color:Black and white

Personality:Happy,nice,can be rude at some times

Favorite food:anything that has to do with CHICKEN!

Best friend:bbuchanan96

Favorite sport: Water polo


Family:Arctic(daughter),Dakota(Son),Klond­ike­(so­on to be son-in law)

Favorite activity:Hunting,hanging out in scary places, and swimming
Больше года dontforgetme said…
eye color: classified
fur color: classified
favorite food: classified
favorite friend: classified
alpha or omega: yes
family: classified
favorite activity: classified
ArcticWolf115 commented…
your kidding Больше года
ArcticWolf115 commented…
it made no sense no ffense Больше года
ArcticWolf115 commented…
Ты even сказал(-а) it your self hell lover Больше года
Больше года dovesjacob4ever said…
Name: Dove
Eye color: Dark brown
Fur color: Black And White With a white circle around my eye
Personality: Nice, Good friend, sometimes rude, get's angry alot(not on purpose sometimes) and cheerful:)
Favorite food: Anything my Mom cooks
Best friend: The list is too long lol
Favorite sport: Racing, Foot ball
Favorite activity: exploring, hunting, racing, writing, warching sunset's and many more
 Name: голубь Eye color: Dark brown мех color: Black And White With a white круг around my eye Pers
Больше года usedtobe2 said…
name: javier suniga (official original garth)
eye color IRL: brown
fur color: red (fursona: grey wuff with a little silver n black)
persontality: music. skateboarding. chilling with buds. video games. draws. knows one language XD english. rap. loves bacon and CUPCAKES! especially the mcdonalds chocolate chip frappe
favorite food: brownies, bacon. cupcakes, anything with good sugar. cookies<- lawl. pie. brownies. pizza. burito. nachos. etc.
fav sport: triggah please XD
A&O: mm.... both, love having fun but helping others out
fav activity?: playing badass games like team fortress 2 and black ops.
dovesjacob4ever commented…
Эй, i like all those foods too!XD lol! Больше года
MarkyGreenJay commented…
dude Ты only know english? i know english too! but i'm brazilian. Больше года
Больше года pabloescaval said…
name: jose
eye color: dark brown
fur color: black and white (only in my fur form)
personality: nice, serious,.
favortie food: everything
best friend: i dont know only because i dont talk to most of you
favorite sport: dont have one
alpha or omega: neither
family: a brother and a sister (IRL)
favorite activity: sleeping and eating
MarkyGreenJay commented…
Name:Marky A.K.A Julio Eye color:dark brown мех color:Dark Green Personality:Good, Friendly, Hot-Head, Coward. Избранное food:Humburgers Yum! Best friend:None, Possibly SnowWolfXi Избранное sport:football, basket ball. Family:father, grandma, (sister is not on my house cus she live on another place we didnt see our faces) Избранное activity:Running, Parkour. Больше года
Больше года 2xTheDeath said…
Name: Muzina, it means music, but call me Shadow...

Eye color: brown

fur color: probably black

Personality: Nice, funny, i have a little bit of a bad temper, and can be rude...

Favorite food: Chicken and mcdonalds and pizza

Favorite sport: football

Family: Mom, Dad, four sisters, three brothers, one neice.

Favorite activity: Running, shooting, messing around with my knife
2xTheDeath commented…
and a Beta:) Больше года
Больше года AlexaAlpha_15 said…
Name: Alexa

Eye color: Irl: Green Furry: Green blue

Fur: White with a black stomach

Personality: Can get bitchy, other than that gets along with people

Favorite food: Bacon, banana

Favorite sport: Running, and hunting

Family: Don't have one, well if you're talking real life than yes.

Favorite activity: Knife throwing, hunting

Больше года Forever4ever said…
I need to Re:post mine (Sorry)

Name: Mya

Eye: Irl Dark dark brown

Fur: white and black splotches with a black circle around my left eye

Personality: I'm nice, a great friend, is always there for a friend, can get rude, has anger issues and more.

Favorite food: Anything my Mom cooks really.

Favorite sport: Running, shooting, knife throwing, and more.

Favorite activity: Running, shooting, knife throwing, and more.

Beta, irl right now Beta soon to be Alpha.
last edited Больше года