Альфа и Омега Клыкастая братва Kunno has finally joined.

PackAlphaKunno posted on Mar 08, 2014 at 07:53PM
Well I don't even know if you do welcome topics but there's no harm in it I guess.

I do seriously love Alpha and Omega (I'm still waiting for the release of the sequel in the UK). But that's not quite the reason why I joined. I've been searching for others to join my pack (It's more on Skype than anywhere else). It also goes even deeper than that but I won't post to much about it.

Anyway, I'm here to stay.

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Больше года PackAlphaKunno said…
ah no replies yet :p Well it's always open and I'd always welcome new members to the pack. All you need is Skype and passion and you're in.
Больше года AlphaKateRocks said…
Welcome, Kunno! I just became a fan and joined Fanpop as well. Btw, it doesn't seem that there's any other welcome topics here...but welcome anyways, I guess! :D
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