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 Музыка Hutch listens to
Music Hutch listens to
It was a bright and beautiful день in Jasper Park. Hutch was patrolling the boundary, an час later he went to Winston's den.

Hutch: Sir, I have finished.

Winston: Well, then you're off the hook for today.

Hutch: Thank Ты sir.

After patrol Hutch would go to a mountainside или hillside, and enjoy the beautiful view of the Canadian forests. Hutch had forgotten something he was to do, but he just couldn't put his finger on it.

Hutch: Oh yeah. That's right I'm supposed to hunt with Kate, Cando and some other Eastern Волки that I don't even know.

Hutch went as fast as he could to the hunting party....
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Dusk POV

I was about to jump at Destin when I heard an ear-splitting cry from Acashia. "DUSK HELP ME!" She screamed as a group of Волки tried to drag her away. "Great! now what!" I shouted in my head, that's when I remembered the spells.

"No I can't use them yet!" I mumbled as I ran to save Acashia. "LEAVE HER ALONE Ты BAST-" I couldn't finish because I was knocked to the ground by Destin. "GET OFF ME!" I shouted, as I struggled to get up.

"Not this time Dusk!" Destin сказал(-а) with an evil chuckle. I was still trying to get him off when my vision started to blur and I felt my muscles grow... "Could...
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well here it is a fallen hero featuring AlphaGarth my bud well let's get started

It's been five days since our alpha hero has gone . garth was up to the job to be the alpha hero. Garth been training for four days already. "so Ты almost done buddy сказал(-а) Humphrey "yep almost " then garth went running to the cliff. He did a front flip off the side of the cliff. "dang bro your getting way better'' "hehe member the first день of training Ты tried to the same thing Ты just did now and Ты face planted it on the cliff" hahahaha "SHUT UP growled garth Then garth punched humphrey is hardest. " OWWW!!!...
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Everyone I know now never knew who I was back then,and this is my story,and my journey alone.My name is Connor,and I'm a lone wolf.I was told by the husky who raised me,and was the only person there for me,and she told me that I was destined for great things.Can Ты believe it,I was just a pup being raised by a husky while my pack was god knows where,and that's the thing.Only god knows.But after a few years I was old enough to leave and be on my way.I will never forget the town I grew up in,but now it's in the past and now is now,and I have to keep my cool if I want to make a name for myself...
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Hello furry Друзья hope Ты enjoy please Комментарий and Фан but enjoy

When Nathan woke up he felt that his hands were sticky with something then he remembered ( oh yeah I tryed to save Jon's life and kicked the packs butt untill I got trampled)
Nathan tryed to get up but he couldn't. When he was able to look at his hands he saw he was tied up in vines. " crap" he сказал(-а) softly. " oh I see your awake " eve said. With Kate Humphrey and hutch Далее to her.
" Ты know Nathan Ты are really getting on my nerves " she said. " not the first person for that to happen "Nathan told her with a fake hint of...
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A mortar exploded in front of the лодка and water from the channel sprayed up and into the лодка and soaked the troops in front. and all at once it hit me......we were at war. the лодка rowers plowed the лодка right into the river bank and everyone jolted forward. the drop door slammed down into the sand and all the troops piled out onto the waste land of bodies that was the river shore. Many of the troops in the front were mowed down by machine gun огонь coming from the buildings. Reznov, Demetri, and I all found a trench and hid there for a минута to get a grip on the situation. we happened to...
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posted by shakey_omega
clap ya hands come on everybody its a party of your life we partying with Alpha & Omegas know Ты can't miss it.

Verse 1:
thunder the sound in the dark both hands come together in ark the light comes to life destory your strife

come on ya'll we busting the party if Ты want us to set it off like thunder in ark just clap it 4x set it off

Verse 2:
like [beep] what was that? i swear Кошки don't like me hatin' on our booming that everywhere , anywhere i go this little [what] ain't [whoa!] stay out may face

clap it,clap it
howl from the stereo
clap it,clap it
san canterio
Clap IT!

Verse 3
it right when boom that thunder coming haha
howling at the world greatest thing loosing our mind ha! yeah we crazy Ты hear that [BOOM!]

Verse 4 ; Metalwolf116
metal it, metal it
насос up the iron
growl like lion
us Волки would kill it anyway
humphreys pov

cloase to winter

life is perfect i have my parents a gorgeous mate great Друзья beautiful children and a marvelous place to live nothing could get beter but winters coming and soon the herds will leave and i fear we are not prepared "humphrey" kate called "coming" humphrey сказал(-а) i walked over to kate "hey humphrey we have to go to a meeting okay" kate сказал(-а) "okay" humphrey сказал(-а) we got to th meeting "winter is apon us we need to start the great hunt okay we are going to do the samething we did lastt год with the rounds okay Переместить out" garth сказал(-а) we began the great hunt which occurs once a год so that the pack my survive but i still tink we are unprepared "kate i have a feeling that we are unprepared for the winter this year" humphrey сказал(-а) "why would Ты say that "kate asked "i dont know its just a feeling" humphrey сказал(-а)
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 Keirrn Relaxing
Keirrn Relaxing
"Little one, there is one еще thing, The God of White bade me do."
"And what is that?"I сказал(-а) as I began to walk back to the Palace.
She shifted from leg to leg,"Well, he had me bring Princess Alyssa here."
I froze and my tracks and turned back to Serenity,"And Ты did?"
"Well...yes, she is on my back right now," She turned her massive body around so her back was facing me. And there, on her, back was Princess Alyssa smiling down at me.
"Well Keirrn, be a gentleman and help me down," she сказал(-а) smirking at me.
I sighed and offered her my arm to help her down.
"Now Keirrn, is that anyway to greet your...
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 The M-16 motorized pulse винтовка
The M-16 motorized pulse rifle
Civil war Part 1

The practice robot fell into a diagonal slice of two. Is sizzled with yellow plasma before falling down sparking once more. Seth glared at it in triumph. He then turned to his plasma blade. From a cone like shape strapped to his wrist, he could form a blade of pure plasma. He could make it a dynamic and solid object, to stun foes или make it a razor hot, blade made for cutting. He had made it for himself. His dad, being an inventor, specialised in energy operated weapons. His two friends, Lyra and Liam, Lyra's dad forcused on A.I. Software. Liam's on classic bullet utilising...
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