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Jane was sitting in anatomy class on день when her teacher asked her a question. He inquired, “What grows to 10 times its original size when excited?”
Jane blushed and сказал(-а) that she didn't know. Jimmy raised his hand and said, “I know! The pupil of the eye.” The teacher replied, “Yes, very good Jimmy.”
The the teacher turned to Jane and said, “Jane I have three things to say to you: One -- Ты have a very dirty mind. Two -- Ты haven't been studying hard enough. And three -- you're going to be very disappointed!”
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Okay. So, as Ты all know, area has been a pain in the жопа, попка recently... and so have I in some cases, I even started the fight last night, I just didn't expect it to go so viral... and it was a test.

And I know we have ALL done some stuff on here we are ashamed of, and what not, but area... let me tell you. Ты may not br wrong all the time, but Ты are certainly not RIGHT all the time, and Ты are not the supreme ruler of this club. So please, stop... no one cares what Mojo did, not anymore, it's over and done. Ты told him off, did whatever, but yet... Ты still keep fighting and being rude...
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posted by shadow-omega
Jackson's POV

"What happened?" I asked looking at the волк in front of me.

"I don't know." the волк сказал(-а) sobbing over 2 other wolfs

"Do Ты know who did this?" I asked

"Yes... I do but Ты won't believe me." the волк replied

"Who was it then?" I asked

Before he could answer he was shot in the head by a rock and was knocked out cold. I turned around to see the pack leader and 3 other alphas with him.

"What the fuck is your problem! He was just about to tell me who did this!" I yelled

"I'm sorry but it's obvious that he did this. Do Ты see anyone else around? I don't, so I'm sorry but he's going to...
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Ok, so, we all know the situation with everyone saying THIS fandom will die soon. Well, I am here to tell you: I have created a new fandom/club as a successor to this one if it does die. My new club will be for the REAL A&O fans, and Фаны of this club who don't want it to die. To sum it all up, my club is a club to protest against THIS club's haters, and to be used as a backup so THIS club doesn't officially die. If this club doesn't work, PM me to see the other few ways I have to keep this club/fandom alive!!!

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