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 Special Ops Humphrey!!
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Humphrey is going in...Rambo style!
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Song: "Numb" by Linkin Park I know, probably not my best video, but when I started this, I thought the song go along with the clips I had in mind better than it did. I just didn't want to leave this video unfinished.
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Hutch, Kate, Daryl, Cando, and others goes to the courtyard to see what Vlad had to say, Vlad was standing in a tower thing with the door up to him is locked tight Vlad:" Thank Ты all for coming" Lee:" so whats your announcement?" Vlad:" I've been thinking for couple of months now about ya know like, are they even trying to solve all of this infection, is there anyone left thats trying или are they all dead, I've been waiting for when they'll actually do something, but not a word, not a sound,.... In case some don't know I have a secret nuclear ракета I sneaked from Russia, that can destroy...
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Three years had passed since the events of Alpha and Omega. The Волки of Jasper Park had been living out their peaceful lives for quite some time now, and have grown used to seeing Волки of other packs pass through или even reside in Jasper.

Humphrey had been loving his new life in the combined pack, living with his, I'll say fairly new, mate. Although he and Garth had their differences, they had become Друзья over the three years. Humphrey would stay at Главная every день while Kate went out hunting with the other alphas, but on specific days, Kate would teach him how to hunt, using live prey....
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