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 Laying down
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I was sleepy at the moment when I drew this
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After eating ужин I led Kate from the cafeteria to my Избранное place on campus, the library. A quiet air conditioned building where i could kick back and relax with my girl and have great internet access to utilize my Избранное sites. Fanpop, Facebook, TacomaWorld, YouTube, and South Park studio's full episode player where I could watch any episode of South Park free of charge! I sat down at my Избранное computer and logged on to YouTube first, then my email, and finally Fanpop. After about 10 минуты all of my good Друзья were chatting with me.
The A&O club was at war with a troll and...
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*Athor's note this will take place from the last part about when garth Asks if ur pickin a fight with me i'll see ya at Oakmont St. bar*

garth walked right up to him and сказал(-а) "Listen if your picking a fight meet me at the bar Oakmont St." But there was one thing Humphrey was afraid of His monster...It was mean dark and vicious It would kill anything that threatened it. ~1HourLater~ Humphrey was waiting outside the bar and he had just drunk a whole bottle of whiskey then Garth pulled up in his car along with his buddies. Then one of his buddies hit Humphrey with a crowbar and KO! Humphrey was...
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