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 Ooooo What are we going to seee???? O_O
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Kate woke from be knocked out She сказал(-а) 'Is everyone alright?' and she got only three Ответы and she heard out side of the choper 'Ahhh...Oh god i'm gonna die god Uhh...Ahhh it hurts so fucking bad!' And Kate went outside and found Winston cut in half bleeding he was in so much pain she saluted him in respect and shot him in the head to put him out of his misory then there was a shit load of gun shot she was hit six time and died there the Taliban was on the attack they opened огонь on the Omega 2 the bulets woke the crew on board Omega 2 they were on full alert now they grabed there weapons...
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Chapter 3
The wind gently blew. The tweets of birds filled the air. Seth woke up. It was about 7 in the morning. It was quite warm and humid after the down pour from the день before. Seth was still tired. He didn’t bother getting up. He just laid there where he slept. Under a tree. He slowly fell asleep again. Kate woke up. She turned over just to find her nose pressed against Seth’s. She opened her eyes, surprised to feel something against her nose. She leapt from where she slept. “AH!” She began breathing heavily. “Phew...” She sighed; relieved to know it was only Seth. She looked...
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Эй, guys, its me alphawolf4141, I forgot my last account so now I can give Ты a sneek peek on the part 3 of the story...

Lily POV: I wanted to tell runt but I can't let Garth know. So, I talked to runt and told him I was pregnant. He did not take it well.

Runt POV: my aunt is pregnant with my child!? What's Garth going to say when he finds out I've been Banging his wife!? I told lily that its Garth's child and Everything will be alright. Then, Garth returned and heard about lily and was excited. Even though I'm the pup's father.
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A video by lillyomegawolf on youtube! She saw my A&O zombies infection video so she go inspired by them and made this! :D
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the infection