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 Ooooo What are we going to seee???? O_O
posted by Ricoh_Alpha_626
Chapter 2: Training Begins
**Authors note- so I awoke to find a massive number if emails regarding this fanfic. Due to that, this is no longer a concept story but a full fanfiction. As the story grows I hope Ты enjoy it and at some point I'm going to revise chapter 1. Enjoy**
    The sun had barely broke over the hills and Hutch was already awake. He sat at the edge of the логово, ден looked over the dew soaked valley, his enthusiasm hadn't dropped a bit because of the Назад days events. He looked down at his bandaged paw and growled. It still burned like...
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Chapter 5: A Broken Taboo

Princess could barely open her eyes when she found herself on a large operating table. There was all sorts of strange machinery around her, all of which made weird sounds. Doctor Elias was standing besides the operating table, carrying a strange device.

"What is that thing?" Princess asked, tired and weak. He must have drugged her with something to make her feel like this.

"This...is classified..." Doctor Elias answered, placing the machine in her side.

"Will this hurt?" Princess asked Doctor Elias.

"Only a lot..." Doctor Elias whispered as it drilled into Princesses side....
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posted by JackLuver14
 Calla (blue eyes, мех sorta like Kate, brown tipped tail)
Calla (blue eyes, fur sorta like Kate, brown tipped tail)
"This is the best!" I exclaimed, having the time of my life. "I told Ты it was fun," Humphrey laughed. "So Humphrey really came up with this, Shakey?" I questioned. Humphrey сказал(-а) he'd thought of log катание на санях when he was a pup, but I hadn't really believed him. Shakey had nodded in response. I smiled, glad he had thought of something so fun.
We were log катание на санях down the hill. I was in front, then Humphrey, Salty, Shakey, and Mooch was in back. I was glad Humphrey was the one behind me; he was my Избранное out of their little group. When we were pups, we hung out all the time. In the beginning...
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posted by kates-mate101
We arrived at school. Kate, and all my friends, including Mason who joined me, rubbing his shoulder. My sister headed off to her grade four class, while Liam, Adam, and myself along with kate headed to our portable. Isaiah, Mason, Zach and Rachel with Madison were all in different classes. Same with kevin. (Halleluia) We entered out classroom. Then my teacher, Mme Langan, gave us the daily speech on how we were late. "Seth, Liam, and Adam Ты are all late," "Save it for later Miss L." I replied abruptly. I took my seat. Before one of the kids Youssef could sit Далее to me, I pulled his chair...
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posted by ThatDarnHippo
Dear Fans,

First of all, I think this movie looks very stupid and predictable.

Now that I have that covered, Please tell me what if I should change the Иконка или banner. Give me some of your own that Ты think fit better. Honestly, I like the banner because it shows (what little) emotion from the movie.

Even though I'm not an actual Фан of this movie and I have no intentions to waste my money seeing it, I generously made this spot for those of Ты who have a different opinion on this production.

My own opinion in detail (beware):
I have already expressed this on different spots - I just copied and...
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Most possibly my best as of present, Song: Stuck In Любовь Artist: William Beckett Movie: Alpha and Omega
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