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This Альфа и Омега Клыкастая братва Фан-арт contains знак, плакат, текст, классной доски, and доске. There might also be улица, город сцены, городских условиях, город сцена, урбанизация, and городских настройка.

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Well, here it, last chapter. See how it ends, if I get enough Комментарии and Фаны on this one, I might make a sequel. I know, I'm evil. :P

1 месяц later

Humphrey was starting to get over Kate’s death. He was having fun his usual self; he hunted every other morning for the pack with Hutch или another hunter. He also spent a lot of time with Sweets and started becoming better Друзья with her.
They would spend time together with their other Друзья a lot and would always play when they could. He started feeling something warm grow in his stomach. Today he was just dragging back a caribou for the...
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Kate laughed. Lilly's new pup Alex was chasing her tail and whimpering. " she's so cute" Kate сказал(-а) to Lilly. "yeah. Mating season is great." Lilly replied. Kate stopped. she had never thought about mating before. "um. do Ты know when mating season is?" "Kate don't Ты know this? it's like right now." Lilly laughed. "I never thought I'd feel so..." she stopped. "so what?" Kate asked. "so... uh... it doesent matter. if your going to mate you'll feel it yourself." Kate nodded and left.
"hey Kate" Humphrey сказал(-а) when he walked into the cave door. "um Humphrey I need to talk to you." Humphrey sat...
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 Balto talking to jenna about how Kodi see him as the hero not his father
Balto talking to jenna about how Kodi see him as the hero not his father
~A год later~ Balto and Jenna are laying down watching the now grown up Alue and Kodi.

Jenna: they grow up to fast
Balto: I know but there perfect
Jenna: Yup

Kodi walks over and sits Далее to his father.

Kodi: Эй, Hero whats up

Balto: Nothing just thinking about how Ты guy grow up so fast

Kodi: Alright see ya
Kodi walks away and twoards Alue And they run off and leave balto and jenna there alone laying there sad but happy too. Then along comes steele.

Steele: Ha Jenna Ты don't know a good guy when Ты see him so Ты pick Balto the puny loser

Jenna: *Tears in eye* Ты know what your a fucking dick...
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