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This Альфа и Омега Клыкастая братва Фан-арт contains знак, плакат, текст, классной доски, and доске. There might also be улица, город сцены, городских условиях, город сцена, урбанизация, and городских настройка.

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Kate woke up, Humphrey was sleeping behind her so Kate got up quietly and walked out the den. She felt wet in her lower areas. Kate плавить, корюшка her lower area"Wow did i really mate with Humphrey last night"Kate сказал(-а) to herself, Kate licked herself"Hmm that tastes good"Kate said. Kate licked herself a bit еще then stopped and went down to the lake and cleaned up."Hey Kate"someone сказал(-а) from behind her, Kate turned to see Humphrey"Hey Humphrey"Kate said,"So did Ты enjoy last night?"Humphrey asked getting into the lake. Kate giggled"Yeah i did"Kate said, when Humphrey and Kate were washing themselves...
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i really like this video :)
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Summary: A&O/28 Days Later. The Rage virus reaches Jasper park and the pack is doing all the can to defend themselves from infected. Until one day, a young boy with a skill in surving and fighting infected shows up and decideds his сердце belongs to defending the pack. Will he suceed?

*Air Raid Siren* *Gunshots* *People Screaming* *Infected screech*

"Shit...Shit...Shit..." Sora kept saying to himself. He turned his head back and saw about 10 infected running after him. He continued to run... that was the only thing he could do... he had to conserve ammo. "Damn...Left 4 Dead made this look...
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Hello, since nothing is known about Alpha and Omega 5's plot I decided to make my own prediction for fun. Before I begin I will state that some of this idea came from a Fanfiction that's being written by "jhiliton0907." His story is kind of inspired by Rio 2 as well. So while it's not entirely my original idea I realized that it could actually work out as a plot to end off the series. Here it is;

As the pups begin to mature and near the end of their schooling, Kate and Humphrey decide that they should take one last trip as a family while they still can. After growing curious about where he came...
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It was always a beautiful день in Jasper, and Lyle, Violet, Rosebud, Hunter, Kate, and Humphrey were enjoying time to them selves. фиолетовый was pregnant, about five months now, and to Lyle's surprise, they would have twins.
"UGHHHH!" фиолетовый screamed.
"Don't worry! Ты will be fine!" Lyle said.
"BUT IT HURTS!" фиолетовый screamed.
"Well, my paw is hurting." He said, she laughed, then went back to screaming.
"Honey, go out side, I will tell Ты when Ты can come in."...
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