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After Humphrey left, Shaky running toward Winston and Eve's логово, ден to see Kate. As soon as he arrives at the логово, ден he yelled..
He make every Волки looking to him and made Eve get mad

Shaky's POV

"Kate ...! Come out .. I want to tell Ты something !" I yelled. after that I saw Eve running toward me and pinned me to the ground. "What do Ты want from my doughter ?!!". "Sorry mam but a have no bussiones with Ты I want to talk something to Kate ! " then I saw Winston tell Eve to release me. "I'm sorry sir, can I have a private conversation with Kate ?" I asked him. and then he take me to Kate an he leave...
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I was going through my Избранное hawaiian songs when I came across this song that matches perfictly with the Любовь Train scene, enjoy Song: I'm Yours - Opihi Pickers (This is only half of the entire song)
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