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WolfGreyson posted on May 06, 2011 at 02:13AM
So I am bored, so i thought it would be fun to make a thread about what you should and shouldn't do should you somehow find yourself with talking animals. First off i want to point out every animal talks it just not english or anything we understand. So lets begin, I gonna say this now you have a better chance of winning seven multimillion dollar lotto ticks then acrossing paths with any animal that speaks english or sings, BUT its not impossible.

Lets say you have a new furry friend the smartest and safest thing to do is not say anything about it/them to your parents, im sure your asking yourself "but why wouldn't I tell them?" Because our world revoles around money, should they findout they have talking,singing, or both animals in their house they are gonna do one of three things. One theyll call the government what everone you happen to be living in and hope to make a profit which they wont if anything the government would take it by force and then kill your family for even knowing about said animals, Two they will try to make said animal into a superstar it wont happen with todays tech its easy to make an CGI(Computer-generated imagery) animal apper anywhere you want it to, Three they are gonna scream and tell you to get rid of it lol.

So lets say you dont tell your parents the next thing you shouldn't do is tell anyone else if you wanna know why look to reasons number two-three.

So lets say you havent told your parents and youve told no one else next thing you shouldnt do is try to turn these animal/s into stars yourself. Your probably saying to yourself "But why not these animal/s can be a cash cow" yes and no its one thing to have to world know about them and its another for said animals to be big and famious, plus you run the chance of someone trying to kidnap your animal, or you might run into an Ian Hawke from the 2007 AATC (Alvin And The Chipmunks)

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