(Scene: фиолетовый at the bathroom sink slitting her wrists)

( Knock on the door)

Violet: What?

Viv: I think we need to talk, it's important.

Violet: I'm kinda busy

Viv: Well just... We'll talk later ok?

Violet: Whatever

( Vivein leaves)

( Boy comes into bathroom)

Tate; You're doing it wrong, if you're going to kill yourself Ты need to curt vertically, they can't stitch that up.

Violet: How did Ты get in here?

Tate: Also if you're trying to kill yourself, might also want to try locking the door.

( Tate leaves smiling)

( Scene, Tate and фиолетовый in Violet's bedroom)

Tate: When are Ты starting highschool?

Violet: Monday.

Tate: West Craven right?, that place totally sucks, I got kicked out of there

Violet: Where do Ты live?

Tate: In the neighbourhood I guess,

Violet: This house is creepy, I hate it here

Tate: Ты know this house is haunted right?

Violet: I don't believe in that bullshit.

Tate: Ты should.

( Ben comes into room)

Ben: What are Ты doing in my daughter's room

Violet: We were just hanging out dad,

Ben: Ты shouldn't be in here Tate, get out.

Violet: Dad! ( stands up)

Tate: Sorry ( Looks towards Violet)

Tate: I'll leave фиолетовый alone if Ты want.

Ben: I'll Показать Ты out.

( Ben and Tate leave)

( фиолетовый sits alone in her room)

( Scene: The Harmon family at the ужин table)

Ben: It's so nice to have ужин as a family.

Violet: I'm not hungry

( фиолетовый leaves the таблица and goes into her room)

Viv: Ben I'm pregant

Ben: Viv, You're.. Oh my God!

( Ben hugs Vivien)

Ben: Things will be differen't now. I promise

(Scene: Tate and фиолетовый in the basement together)

Violet: My mom is pregant, I can tell, She stopped drinking wine at ужин and she has Остаться в живых weight in her face. She was going to tell me at ужин but I left.

Tate: That's tough.

Violet: Yeah, this house is crazy, I keep hearing voices all the time. I think I'm going insane.

Tate: There isn't anything wrong with Ты Violet, you're perfect.

( Tate kisses Violet)

I know it was short but I hope Ты like part 2. Things between Tate and фиолетовый are heating up and there is a lot in store for the Harmon family. Please Комментарий tell me what Ты thought.