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Aмериканская история ужасов Which couple do Ты prefer?

31 fans picked:
Tate and фиолетовый
Kyle and Zoe
 bouncybunny3 posted Больше года
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ScorpionTDC picked Kyle and Zoe:
Tate is by far the best one here (and the only one I like), but... I literally cannot ship them

I hated Zoe and did NOT like Kyle, but they're still more shippable.
posted Больше года.
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laurik2007 picked Tate and фиолетовый:
always ♥
posted Больше года.
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JeebieWolf picked Tate and фиолетовый:
Is it a question?
posted Больше года.
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MasterOfFear picked Tate and фиолетовый:
Even with how dangerous Tate can be, there's less of a power imbalance, since Kyle is a zombie who isn't cognizant more than half the time.
posted Больше года.