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The Funeral (Tate & Violet)

Coming Down (Tate/Violet)

Tate/Violet • drink till your dead

Tate | Invaders Must Die

Tate+Violet / Stripped down to the bone

Tate and фиолетовый | Behind darkness | AHS

AHS - Tate/Violet - This is the sound of my miseryhead

"It's A Filthy Goddamn Horror Show" | Tate Langdon

Tate Langdon || I've ruined your body

Tate Langdon's coming to get you.

фиолетовый & Tate | Everything for Ты

American Horror Story||Tate & фиолетовый

► Tate & фиолетовый [American Horror Story] || It's A Filthy God-Damn Helpless World

фиолетовый & Tate *Broken*

you'll never hurt again; violet&tate

[American Horror Story] Tate/Violet || I Don't Care

Tate + фиолетовый ll I'll Hold Ты Closer...

♣ фиолетовый + tate / then Ты (+200 subs)

1x09 - Spooky Little Girl - Promo

//do Ты believe in ghosts?

Make Me Wanna Die - Tate/Violet - AHS

special death || tate/violet [american horror story]

[Tate x Violet] || who do Ты think Ты are running 'round leaving scars

фиолетовый & Tate *Eternity and a day*

tate + фиолетовый | I gave Ты all

Tate and фиолетовый || I havn't gone crazy yet || AHS

Two Dead Boys; American Horror Story.

Tate/Violet: In a Hopeless Place

Be running up that холм, хилл | Tate&Violet

But Ты Still Have All Of Me ; ♥ [Tate/Violet]

i'll look after Ты | tate&violet

фиолетовый & Tate *Honey and the moon*

Find a W a y || Tate & фиолетовый

"I Can't Wait" → Viotate → American Horror Story

Tate & фиолетовый | There's So Much Pain

xxviii · normal people scare me ... ; [ tate langdon ]

Violate | My only savior

Shelter (Tate & Violet)

Tate + фиолетовый || Eat Ты alive

Tate Langdon ll Better Outrun My Gun....

Perfect Stranger || Tate&Violet

Tate & фиолетовый - Ты Found Me

I want to be with Ты so badly. Tate/Violet

Tate+Violet | Torn Up Inside

Monster | Tate Langdon

Violet/Tate: Consequence

1x08 - Rubber Man - Promo

100% reason to remember the name..(Tate Langdon)

AHS | Tate/Violet

AHS Tate Langdon || Pumped Up Kicks

pure perfection II


AHS - Open House - Sneak Peak

monster || tate/violet [american horror story]

Tate & фиолетовый || Save Me

Tate and фиолетовый - Taking Over Me

Tate+Violet || Like a Gun

AHS | TATE LANGDON | "try to forget this, try to erase this."

Tate & фиолетовый [AHS]

i'll let the bad parts in | violate

фиолетовый & Tate [AHS] - Flickers

фиолетовый & tate - find a way

The Reason

never too late || tate/violet [american horror story]

Tainted Любовь

Come Around To Me [AHS || Violate]

American Horror Story || Feel Good Inc. ||

Tate Langdon || Black and Cold

//like a worm from a bird

trust in my... / tate langdon

Tate & фиолетовый - i promise Ты my сердце

diabolical minds | american horror story

echo | american horror story

ahs | does this darkness have a name?

Too Late - Tate & фиолетовый

It's my birthright... || Tate Langdon

American Horror Story; Tate & фиолетовый || Normal People Scare Me.

American Horror Story 1x07 - "Open House" Promo (HD)

I Need a Hero- Tate/Violet

Tate/Violet - American Horror Story fanvid

Tate & Violet- Comatose

Ты Are Mine [AHS || Latex Man]

It's Between Ты And Me [AHS || Violate]

Tate and Violet- Not That Big

фиолетовый and Tate - Rebel Любовь song

tate & фиолетовый (ahs) - the stranger

tate & фиолетовый | ahs | ET

Tate. [American Horror Story] || I'm Not Scared.

American Horror Story- Frantik Ambitions

Hannah Peel: Tainted Любовь