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Tate & фиолетовый | The Funeral

Do Ты Believe In Ghosts?

Tate & Violet; Not What I Planned At All

Born to Die || Tate & фиолетовый

house.home.closed door ◈ american horror story

Tate and фиолетовый - Kill me I'm a monster

tate+violate|| when september ends||

Violet+Tate | I forgive Ты [1x12 Alternative Scene]

feel the cold; Violet&Tate

Tate & фиолетовый || Stop crying your сердце out

did Ты forget to take your meds, tate?

Tate + фиолетовый || Paradise. [AHS]

Violet/Tate [Eclipsed]

Tate And фиолетовый // Mad About Ты

Tate || Character Study [American Horror Story]

Tate Langdon | Ты may forget me..

Tate Langdon || The Показать Has Just Begun

(tate/violet) Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep «

(tate/violet) give me thunder, give me lightning.. ♥

фиолетовый Harmon || Shadows

ahs | down on my mind

Tate+Violet | Behind Tear Blinded Eyes

tate langdon | NO FEAR

tate&kat [tvd/ahs crossover]

i'll seek Ты out, flay Ты alive (SYTYCV)

tate langdon | blackout ☠

• Tate + фиолетовый | I'm here

when the sun goes down

Ships in the night | Violet&Tate

I fell into a dream |Tate Langdon|for CryssTVDfan

Outrun my Gun ►Tate Langdon

Tate & фиолетовый | keep Ты безопасно, сейф

tate langdon | distant dark places

//Drove Through Ghosts//American Horror Story

tate&violet | born to die

Tate and фиолетовый || We won't have to be scared

tate & фиолетовый | fix Ты

Tate&Violet | My sweet prince

Violet&Tate ǁ секунда Chances

Tate Langdon | Paradise Circus

\\we will be Виктория-победительница

American Horror Story || I want Ты Numb

Ты Better Run || American Horror Story

i wanna be inside Ты | american horror story

American Horror Story [Maggot Death]

AHS ; You're going to die in there!

AHS ▪ Bang Bang

if i die young ▲ tate+violet

hold it against me. || фиолетовый and tate

||A.H.S. ||by j.g.

фиолетовый ╬ tate ● you're the only light i need ● [RNYMC]

TATE x фиолетовый || farewell my x black balloon

tate langdon | better run faster than my bullet

Tate.Violet. Ты are the darkness {American Horror Story} (for 13nouvelle)

i'll wait; forever if i have to • tate & фиолетовый

tate x фиолетовый ❖ круг the drain

Tate & Violet(AHS) || Sound of madness

фиолетовый & Tate / Like two strangers turning into dust

She Can Get It || Moira

tate & фиолетовый | breathe me

✖Tate/Violet || The Horror of Our Любовь || For Nella

Tate & фиолетовый - "I don't Любовь you; but I always will..."

► Tate and фиолетовый - Little by little [AHS] ◄

● AHS | I Thought Ты Wern't Afraid !

Criminal || фиолетовый & Tate [Happy New Year!]

Tate & фиолетовый / Love, Sex & Loneliness

Violate || Без ответа Любовь

Tate | Done еще Harm Than Good

Ты Are the Darkness ; ✘ [American Horror Story]

Tate Langdon - I have to go

►Tate Langdon - Eyes On огонь

tate & фиолетовый | hallelujah

tate | getting away with murder

► t&v | take me back to the start.

► tate langdon | i kill people i like

Tate Langdon || The волк

When He Comes To Me | Violet+Tate

Tate | Lift Me Over It

AHS | House Built on Sin

Tate | Daydream

Tate | Fuck Ты [*Vidlet*]

AHS | Only Sadness

I Don't Want to Die | Violet+Tate

Ben & Moira [AHS] || Grip me in your hands

I Wanna Take Your Mind And Soul

Tate, Ты Are the Darkness

Aмериканская история ужасов

Something's changed in you...

[ Tate Langdon ] - звезда in the city

Tate Langdon || Does this darkness have a name?

Everybody Lies || Tate & фиолетовый ||

when Ангелы deserve to die | tate + фиолетовый

Tate Langdon *Blood on my hands*

Tate & фиолетовый • Любовь is а suicide • AHS

the better place | Violate (Skinny Love)

Daмиєd || Moira O'Hara

Tate Langdon | never die

Tate + фиолетовый || Painful Goodbye

Violet/Tate - Taking A Step Back From Me

violet&tate "I've become so N U M B " {for vic}