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violet&tate "I've become so N U M B " {for vic}

a h s | ain't born typical ✖

tate langdon • Ты think i'm crazy?

►American Horror Story - Mad House

Kiss My Eyes | Tate Langdon {Happy 'Early' Birthday Frances}

Tate Langdon | WRONG

my blood is boiling inside of my veins

tate&violet | what i wanted was you..

Ты are the darkness.

All I Need - Tate & фиолетовый

Tate Langdon || Louder Than Ever

tate&violet | other side of me

tate & фиолетовый ; i have nothing left

Tate фиолетовый Evil Has Never

Always Find Me Here | Tate&Violet

Creep (Tate/Violet American Horror Story)

Who Will Have Mercy On Your Soul? ; ✘ [American Horror Story] {for Marisa}

Tate Langdon || Do Ты think I'm crazy?

Goodbye (Tate/Violet American Horror Story)

Tate & фиолетовый II Where is my mind?

Tate Langdon - That's My Boy - American Horror Story

tate + фиолетовый | evil has never

Tate + фиолетовый ; Holding A сердце

Red звезда ● American Horror Story

tate, american horror story ; time is running out

Tate Langdon || 99 problems

Like A Boss - Ben Harmon

Tate & фиолетовый | losing your memory

Seven D e v i L s || [tribute] AHS

Pumped Up Kicks (Tate, American Horror Story)

Tate & фиолетовый || Holocene

Tate/Violet || So Far From Never

Tate + фиолетовый || I was cut

everybody wants love, but it's not enough || tate langdon [ahs]

Tate+Violet【Lay me down】

Tate&Violet || ocean wide [AHS;]

I Stumble || Tate & фиолетовый

Tate | фиолетовый [Tainted Love]

Fear is such a weak emotion (Tate/Violet) [+1x11]

Violet+Tate | Your Tears Feel Warm

you're the only light i ever saw;; ♥

american horror story crack #2

Tate & фиолетовый | Seen Enough | American Horror Story

Tate Langdon | "It's a filthy world we live in.."

Do Ты want to know my secret . | TATE

Count Me Down | American Horror Story

Wanna Go For A Ride?

Tate/Violet: Lonely Souls

tate langdon | little lion man


American Horror Story - Behind The Pilot

American Horror Story - The Making Of Хэллоуин

TOXIC || tate langdon

just like a pill || violet/tate [american horror story]

This City Is Haunted

xxix · i don't feel sad, i don't feel anything ... ; [ tate langdon ]

No one could ever wait for you, I'll wait for you. {Tate & Violet}

violet&tate • i've Остаться в живых my way • ahs

Tate + фиолетовый // "..you have to trust me.." [1x10]

Tate & фиолетовый | Kiss MY EYES AND LAY ME TO SLEEP

I never meant to be so cold {Tate&Violet}

фиолетовый & Tate | Envy

Tate & фиолетовый | Poison and Wine

anyone's ghost | tate & фиолетовый

Tate Langdon || Let Me Start A Riot

"Hi, i'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hook up?" | Tate Langdon

American Horror Story 1x11 - Birth Promo

Breathe me - Violet/Tate

Nora Montgomery // between two points [AHS]

AHS | Shot Me Down

Ты Are Mine - American Horror Story (Tate/Violet)

Ты better run - tate langdon - american horror story

tate and фиолетовый / the fragile

The Blood Bank | Tate&Violet

A Rush of Blood to the Head - Tate/Violet (for Ellie)

Only if for a night...(Tate/Violet)

ships | tate + фиолетовый

AHS | Tate&Violet (Preview)

"This time i am willing to change..." → Violet/Tate → Americain Horror Story

Tate&Violet | the darkest horse

american horror story crack #1

Tate Langdon

AHS | tate & фиолетовый | does this darkness have a name?

фиолетовый and Tate // We found Любовь in a hopeless place.

Violet/Tate: Sorrow

Tate+Violet ;; Sing It Out

Tate + фиолетовый || Have Faith In Me

tate & фиолетовый | funeral

1x10 - Smoldering Children - Promo

Carina Round - The Last Time

It's a filthy world we live in...[Violet & Tate]

violet&tate • let me sign

[Tate x Violet] i hate everything about Ты

Tate&Violate || He Betrays Me

Violet/Tate - Let Me See Inside the Darkness

Tate & фиолетовый (AHS)- Na Na Na

Tate and Violet||Skinny Любовь

tate langdon | my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark (AHS)

TATE LANGDON / No one man should have all that POWER

'Til I wake your ghost || Tate&Violet