Since the first episode, Cycle 19 was a disappointment for me. That may have been because C18 was, in my opinion, amazing, as was C17. I liked the idea of using college girls from a mix of Ivy League and community colleges because ANTM is a cultural influence on teenage girls throughout the world and so this may have been a huge encouragement for some of them. Shame that these were some of the bitchiest, shallow and most two-faced girls I have seen so far on this show. Some role models.

The contestants this год were one of the most irritating bunch of girls the Показать has ever had and made the cycle less likeable. They all hated each other and they all moaned about something или the other, save a few. Some thought they were better than everyone else (Kristin); some seemed to think that a troubled past gives Ты immediate modelling points, rather than real skills (Kiara); some were weird in a way which repelled support instead of encouraging it the way C17's Allison did (Victoria); while others just faded into the background (Alyssa). There was no chemistry between the girls in the house and it was all drama - I know it's a reality show, but it was boring to watch. If I wanted to see a house full of girls arguing about NOTHING, I would watch the Kardashians или something. It was predictable: Ты knew there would be a fight Далее episode and it would most likely involve Kristin who was a downright repulsive girl.

Furthermore, the new judging system may have been appealing in theory but in practice, it was the worst idea. I know it was so that еще people would watch and take part in the show, but this meant that the girls that went Главная weren't necessarily the weakest Модели but the ones that the public didn't like. Take a look at half the people Ты pass on the улица, уличный and you'll quickly figure out that the general public are not fashion experts. This was a really bad decision for the TV show's producers to make because it meant girls like Kristin who were clearly not strong Модели stayed on because they were conventionally attractive though lacking in modelling knowledge and skills which was unfair to other girls like Brittany who were constantly improving and Показ that ANTM was actually a learning experience for them, too.

Another thing which I didn't like about the cycle was that there actually seemed to be very little learning in this cycle which is ironic because there was a kind of focus on education with the college theme. It seemed that Показ the drama at the house with Kristin hating everybody and Laura sobbing about her rich-girl problems was еще important rather than actually teaching the girls skills they could take away to help them become better Модели in future weeks или even years later. C18's booty tooch tutorial was over the top, yes, but it taught them something. In C19, the girls were told to smize, smize, smize (and it was pretty crucial in the final впп, взлетно-посадочная полоса challenge) but they weren't told how to do it correctly and I don't think they learned much which will affect them when they're trying to get jobs in the future.

Overall, the cycle, though ironically called the comeback cycle, fell so short of what I expect ANTM to be that for a секунда there I thought I was watching the wrong show. It was too bitchy, too whiny, еще focused on drama than modelling and so theatrical that half of it seemed terribly staged. The Далее cycle needs less drama (this is not the Big Brother House), a better judging system (because this unfair) and a house full of better, less petty models. I hope the real comeback ANTM makes is Далее cycle because if that was the best this show's got, I won't be sticking around.