Топ-модель по-американски Cycle 10 Makeovers

Saul_Mikoliunas posted on Mar 10, 2008 at 12:48AM
Makeover week! Whose did you like and whose did you hate?

I absolutely hated Marvita's. I mean it was horrible.
Dominique's did make her look like a soccer mom but changing the colour might make it better.
I loooooved fatima's. Personality aside, her hair was terrible. It's good now.Quite liked Whitney's though.

P.S. If you want to refresh your memory on the makeovers I uploaded them into the image gallery.

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Больше года Snerkie said…
yeah i hated Marvita's too..."horses tail" wtf?? looked like a mullet, lol, i didn't like Claire's either, hers just looked soooo bad

Fatima's did look a lot better than how it was.

Hmm...i think i disliked more than i liked, lol
Больше года ocean4me2u said…
Does anyone know what designer made the white purse all of the girls got? I know that they received "apple bottom"jeans. I loved that purse!
Больше года Saul_Mikoliunas said…
I think I disliked more than I liked too lol
Marvita's look like a bad mullet as well.
I liked the purse too but I don't know who made it, sorry!
I think Amis's hair looks better longer.
Больше года ocean4me2u said…
Help! Is there anyone out there that knows the designer and where to buy that white purse the girls got as a gift? They got it with the apple bottom jeans.
Больше года greenchoco101 said…
Claire and Aimee have the best makeover!
i think Dominique was pretty ok, she just looked older and Marvita i actually liked that it was better than her old hair i think ut would have been better with long hair.