Can anyone here give a clear Список in sequence of the songs for Origin please?

I've been to like 3 sites and all have a different list. Two или three songs are in different tracks everytime. I'm starting to get annoyed. lol
 Vixie79 posted Больше года
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princess829 said:
Okay. This is gonna take awhile for me to explain :)
I googled the tracklist for Origin and there were a few facts I found out about it:
1.) Apparently, the REAL album only has 11 tracks on it. If Ты looked at some sites that had 19 tracks on it, don't get suckered in. Because I guess the 19 tracks one is really in fact a BOOTLEG (not the real copy.) Go for the one with 11 tracks.
2.) The ORIGINAL дата of the album is really 2000, not from 2003 (or even later than that.)
3.) If you're looking for the real thing, Ты want to find it from the BIGWIG label. (Which is in fact the real thing.)
4.) Here's something interesting:
Okay. Now for the *REAL* tracklist:"The song "Anywhere" has a short song hooked onto it of Ben and Amy saying "yeah-yeah", at 5 минуты and 23 seconds. It is NOT a seperate track, but is infact, hooked onto the track, "Anywhere." If this track isn't hooked onto "Anywhere" on your cd, then your Origin isn't real."
Okay. Now here's the REAL tracklist:
01. Origin
02. Whisper
03. Imaginary
04. My Immortal
05. Where Will Ты Go?
06. Field of Innocence
07. Even In Death
08. Anywhere
09. Lies
10. Away From Me
11. Eternal


*AND* if Ты still are not convinced, here's where I got all of my facts:
link (and look for the review of The BIGWIG (Legit) Version, April 30, 2006 by Mr. X.

Hope that helps and at least Ответы your question. :)
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posted Больше года 
See I noticed that there is an extra track to Anywhere and I never knew which song to put where because the Список was always wrong. Thanks so much for clearing that up. This is my 3 attempt to try this because the last Список I got from the Evanescence spot was wrong too.
Vixie79 posted Больше года
You're welcome. Glad I could help :)
princess829 posted Больше года
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