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ArabellaElfie posted on Jul 29, 2009 at 05:20AM
Hi All,

So, for the Scoobies we begged for a Chatroom (and got it!) but I personally feel that we don't need one here (maybe we'll ask for one in a year of so) but I do want to try to do something big for the spot and the thing that keeps coming up in my mind is the banner (and maybe the icon).

What do we think? Do we want to change it? More characters? Text? A different pic of Angel? If we want more characters, which ones? Any sort of color scheme?

Any thoughts, post them here. Any banners you make, link them here. Anything at all that makes sense.

If we don't like this idea, anybody have thoughts for whatelse we could do as a 'big' thing?

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Больше года AgentCoop said…
Personally, I think this spot desperately needs a new banner and icon. I suck at making things like that, but I'll give my opinion of who/what should be on it.

At the very least, I think it should have Angel (duh), Cordy, Wesley, Gunn, Fred (or Illirya), Spike and Doyle. That's a lot of characters already, but maybe you awesome banner-makers can figure out how to get them all in. I suppose Connor, Lindsey, Lilah and Darla should at least be considered.

As for text, I thought a great quote for the banner would be: "If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do." (Angel to Kate in Epiphany, I think) To me that line sums up what the character and series are all about.

That's all I've got for now.
Больше года spikes_girl said…
As usual, I don't want a new icon, at all. I can't stand when one of my favorite spots gets a new icon, it drives me mad. But I'm usually overruled on this, so I'm just gonna give my opinion on it now :)

But new banner is a MUST. I would say one with the same characters as Coop, like maybe have them front and center, and either sorta around them or in the background characters like Darla, Lindsey, Connor, etc. Of course I can't make any banner whatsoever, I suck at that stuff, but how I picture it something like that would be awesome.
And I second that quote of Coop's (or Angel's, really).
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Больше года ArabellaElfie said…
I'm agree with the quote 100%. I was thinking of that one as well.

I'm not the greatest but I might be able to give a wack at this.

Cat, I know you hate icon changes but what about the Angel Investigations Logo?
Больше года AgentCoop said…
I was gripped by a sudden insanity and took a crack at making a banner:


I'm sure someone else can do much better, but I thought I'd give it a shot. :)
Больше года Cinders said…
Right so we have two banners now (link). Anyone else planning on making one?
Больше года ArabellaElfie said…
I'm planning on it, just need my source material to work. I keep getting errors
Больше года Cinders said…
Gimme a head's up when you want to change the banner, FYI. Are you gonna make a pick to choose it or what?
Больше года Cinders said…
^^^ Look up.

Don't worry, I can change it to whatever you want, when you want me to.

I'll just whip my Fanpop slave and she'll get it done. ;o)

EDIT: I also saved the original banner... in case whoever made it wants it back.
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Больше года LovingLucy said…
Definitely a new banner. change is sometime very nice. I would like to see pictures of the characters in the show, not just still shots of the characters.

Do we get a chance to make a banner?
Больше года LovingLucy said…
Wait has it been done yet?