Wild World:

This game was based off of Animal Crossing the Movie. I do enjoy it because it is portable and has еще relaxation than the bustling City in CF. Wild World isabout the same thing as other AC Games, but unlike the gamecube version and CF Ты share a house with three others. Wild World is one of my избранное because the options never end. There's always something to do. Ты set goals for yourself and they may be completed some day. There are so many secrets to recieve exclusive items that Ты gotta keep playing to learn them! Also, if Ты feel queasy from all the gore from Mortal Kombat или have no use to кататься на коньках in a skateboarding game или maybe even sick of losing in a mario game, why not relax with a lttle bit of shopping and chitchatting with all of your animal residents? Like other AC games and the movie, Ты fish, garden, catch bugs, collect furniture, Дизайн clothes and sometimes these things to compete! All other Animal cRossing games teach a vey important thing: socializing and to believe in gossip and others' opinions. Townsfolk could be jerks или sweethearts toward you, but jerk или sweet they'll gossip to Ты about relationships between others или be rude to Ты about how Ты are. It's all about handling other's choices too. All in all, I would recommend this game but without all the above details.


Cityfolk has it's special charms to it. It's basically an advanced Wild World. But it seems to be еще fun with all the enhancments. Better looking graphics, the city, Rover comes back, Ты get to see Resetti's workplace, a new Able sister Labelle gets introduced and much much more! Like WW Ты can relax and enjoy a walk by the beach, или garden to get hybrids, upgrade your house by paying morgages without a limit. But it seems еще interactive with Животные because Ты can play a game of hide-and-seek see your Друзья in the Roost, this only happened once, but there was something on sale at Nook's and the Далее день it was in a residents house! Somehow Cityfolk is еще addictive, but also, the houses upgrade are a bit different on the outside. The секунда story version has a lantern and horizointal vertical lined window...all very new.