After 10:00 Caroline fell asleep. I lay awake thinking of what lay ahead of me. A new house! New friends! A new life! It all seemed to come too quickly.... A sudden idea came into my mind. I decided to tell Caroline later, when she woke up maybe...

Ring! Ring! A loud ringing snapped me awake. Caroline giggled. "Come on sleepyhead, it's 5:00, Pete will be here soon." Pete? I decided not to ask. Caroline gave me a pine green tray with bacon, eggs, and French тост with a cup of оранжевый juice. "Eat up and get dressed. I have some gifts for you."

Like the dinner, Caroline's Еда was delicous! I looked through my suitcase for a new одежда, одежды to wear. Dresses seemed to be the 'girl style' around here. I came out the bathroom with my carmel-colored hair in a ponytail and an изумруд green dress. I ran down the stairs, to see Caroline at the door. Caroline said, "She's coming now, Pete." I walked up to the door, to see a male пеликан in a green mail uniform. "Hello." I said.
"Hi. I'm Pete, the mailman. If Ты get letters it's bound to be from me!" With that, he took off. I looked at Caroline and she said, "There's mail for Ты too, let's check it out on the sofa.

I recieved a 'welcome' letter from Elvis, a present and letter from my mother which read:

Dear Fauna,
How's life in Animal Valley? Pelly contacted me as soon as Ты arrived there! Here's something to help Ты out a bit. I heard the money they use is golden coins called Bells. Made any friends?

Answer Back, Gronzo, Dairy Street, 4433

- Mom

"You're Mom's handwriting is really neat," Caroline remarked. It sounded nothing like a compliment, just a thing to point out. In the package was a knit sack of the Золото coins my mother сказал(-а) were Bells. At least 8,000 of them. Caroline then gave me some purple striped wrapped packages. "From me." One was a bright-colored рубашка Caroline сказал(-а) was a citrus gingham. Another one was a picture of her. The last one was a leaf. "Huh? What's a leaf good for?" I asked.
"It's not a leaf, hulaaa! Place it down." I put it down and the leaf morphed into a Конфеты сердце chair. "Now grab it and put it the box." Caroline indicated to an empty cardboard box in the corner. I grabbed the chair which formed into a leaf already.
Caroline giggled.

"Oh," Caroline сказал(-а) suddenly, "You have to go to Tom Nook's and tell him where Ты want your house!" This is where I get to say my idea, I thought to myself as soon as I entered his shop. "Oh! Here to decide where Ты want your house?" he asked. I nodded.
"I wanna be roomates with someone..."
"Oh... Well who?"
"Hmm. Well being roomates means your in charge of the morg-" He stopped himself. "Wait that's right Miss Caroline has already paid her entire morgage off! Yes yes! Forget anything I said." Tom Nook smoothed his blue фартук then asked, "What would Ты like to-" Paused again. "I'm afraid if Ты want to buy anything Ты can't...I'm packed on deliveries..." That suddenly became a problem for me. Caroline gave me all those gifts, I needed to gift her back... "Oh..."
"But Ты could help!" Tom Nook sounded extremly enthusiastic about this. "Yes, yes, go outside, I have a lot of deliveries for Ты to do."
I walked outside. The sun was just rising, lightening the gray skies. This is was секунда день here, and yet I had to work for a shop-keeper I hardly knew. Everything was coming quicker than I expected.