It was a hot June день when punchy moved into my town. I could hear the cicadas chirping and the sound of a balloon passing by. I went over to his house and he still hadn't un-packed. He told me to visit him the Далее день but I just couldn't because he is the best character in animal crossing. Well thats my opinion anyways. The Далее couple of days I talked with him, he had become my best friend! He came over to my house for awhile and the Далее день he sent me a yellow bar рубашка for letting him visit. The Далее couple of weeks went by. I went to punchy's but he wasnt there. went around town looking for him and i found him Далее to nooks.I talked with him and he asked me if he should move. and of course i сказал(-а) no. But after i answered him he сказал(-а) he already made his mind up to leave. I was very upset. we even had matching shirts..., so i got the letter. it made me even sadder. After a месяц или so i visited my Друзья town. Sam had a new animal Переместить into his town. Punchy had moved in his town. i was very angry. I sent punchy a letter from his town. a few days went by and i got a letter. he сказал(-а) he was still my best friend and he will never forget me. I was so happy!