A. Ты get to decorate and create your own house
B. Ты get to live with different animals, with different personalities and different ways of life
C. Ты learn how to live and make money without a job
D. No fighting in the game, and no pressure XD
E. Neightbors actually give Ты things on your birthday
F. There are so many different furnitures and items to put in your house
G. Ты can Дизайн your own clothing
H. Your town celebrates holidays
I. Many special events, like that bug catching день and stuff
J. Ты can name your own town XD
K. In new leaf Ты can be the mayor
L. No parents to boss Ты around
M. Ты can get cool things by helping Болталка people
N. Ты can go fishing, bug catching, shoveling
with out getting tired
O. Ты can send letters to your Избранное pets
P. Ты can derp around with the Животные life (like the trap thingy mabobers)
Q. sometimes its fun to make your own constelations
R. Ты can send messages in a bottle, and recieve wierd messages too
S. Ты can talk to the animals, and stuff like that(ran out of ideas)
T. Ты can name yourself
U. It has amazing background music
V. KK also has amazing music, and Ты can put his Музыка in a boom box and listen
W. Ты can pick up free stuff in the recycling bin and Остаться в живых and found
X. Ты can add Друзья and enjoy the fun together
Y. anyone can play it without getting bored(even my mom)
Z. It is a life that Ты will never live/never have