Animal Crossing Name of your characters?

Aquamarina posted on Jan 19, 2010 at 06:51PM
How have you named your characters and why?
I gave them names which I think fit well with their characters.
My main character is called Manfredo, he´s quite sweet but childish and wants to be cool. Then I have the crazy Jim who says "Kia!" all the time, the trendy girly Tony and Mike who loves sports. But what about you?
 How have Ты named your characters and why? I gave them names which I think fit well with their char

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Больше года simlover4 said…
I have Bobby who's a girl and she is good at delivering stuff and animals are usuelly asking me to deliver stuff.i have marsha, Emily which is my name and annie.
Больше года DaniAzu1 said…
Well my Main one is Dani the sweetie designer of the town, then is Jaden the funny one always chit-chating all the way and the last one is Abbie I dont use her frequently though
Больше года punkymm said…
My character is Abby. Abby is always catching bugs, fishing the fish, digging up fossils. Then I have Amy, who always is doing something fun. I also have Jane, who likes to design.
Больше года bastetsBFF said…
The character that is 'me' is Vivian. I made this guy so everyone shuts up about the vacant houses and he is pretty fun playing on, Brandon. Vivian is like me, but looks much better. Funy thing, she has a knack with everyone, so all townsfolk are her friends. She is Tom Nook's favorite customer, and (this was my sister's joke) every boy is in love with her. Brandon is younger than Vivian and is just getting along with his new life as a Slugvillian. He's the talk of the town, and every girl wants to get to know him better, and every boy is glad he is around. Since Brandon is new, there's not much about him except that, but Vivian has a lot more about herself.
Everyone asks her to deliver presents and letters, everyone is giving her things, asking to play Manhunt (hide-and-seek), everyone pretty much likes her a lot.
Больше года fuzzykitten123 said…
There's Pixie, she designs clothing and is very rich. (By my town standards, XD). Then there's Kelly, the one who likes to catch bugs, fish and dig, there's also wistful Jewel, who talks and walks about with her best friends, sending letters and befriending everyone, lastly, there's Whirly, who is childish, happy, and displays Pixie as her role model, always trying to get rich and make good clothes, but fails.
Больше года Tdwtrockz said…
I only name one and the name is Amanda(duh)
Больше года carenwang90 said…
My character name

A. On Animal Crossing: Wild World
1. Caren (Full name: Caren Wang): He is known as fishing master because he had caught all fish! (By hacking XDDDD). He also having ambition to earn the golden net, but FAILS!! He had Resetti 5 times, he got stung by bee 2 times and get stunner stun 1 time. He always wear his firefighter tee because he is a fishing master, since he wasn't a fishing master, he wear an asian shirt but since Bree steal his shirt, he gained new one. He known nickname is: Crazy C
2. Cc (Carolina, Full name: Chrissy Carolina): She is sweet but snooty, she loves shopping clothes, she can make the cool patterns and she owns a crown *Puts my hand and said "WOW!"* She gives the tip for your beauty, she can cook delicious food, any snooty villager always call her "Beauty C" and she always send the beauty tips for they, she also writes on board, she always drink coffee and visit bathroom to bath with shower.
3. Bonnie (Full name: Bonnie Alexander): My main character, she was the hero of country because she is who had made the town enviroment PERFECT! She known to be careful to others and Tomboyish, she known as master because she never get Resetti, never get stung, and never get stun. She always gossiped by her friends about she fall love with Lucas and Caren!
4. Archie (Full name: Archie Black): He was a gardener but he keeps his role and let Bonnie to change his role as gardener.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk
Lucas (Lucas Diamond Alexander Black): My main known character, he always obessision with Pokémon! He is very nice but sometimes being annoying.

For the upcoming characters:

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Agnes (Full name: Bella Agnes Pearl): Since this is my friend name, she was CRAZY reading. She loves to decorating her house a library theme, she was known to make the town more lovelier. She also known good at anything and such like talking and write something, she use better words. Like Lucas, she also obessesed with Pokémon.
Riley (Full name: Riley Alexander Blue): He was a older brother at Lucas family, he loves collecting fossils and rare and historical items unlike Lucas and his brothers and sisters, he was obessesed with Legend Of Zelda, because Lucas own some Zelda items, he had a strategy to steal those Zelda Items (There also a triforce too, does he look like ganondorf?) own by Lucas. His ambition is go to be MidVille star.
Brenda (Full name: Brenda White): She is older sister of Lucas, unlike her brothers and sisters, she is tomboyish girl like Bonnie. She always had high teamwork with others. She always having ambition to made a town look like a playground to increases the resident's teamwork and strengh.

I also own the Teenager artwork of them made on paint

They known as "Lucas' Family"

That's all. I think is too long for you isn't it?
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Больше года FTislandLUVLUV said…
I have 'Viva La Diva' since its rythmes with my name. She is a very adorable and is a talkative girl. She like animal especially dogs.She likes to sing, dance and listen to songs.She likes many people now is about 5-6 haha. She likes FT island, big time rush, avril lavinge. She is very rich and like designing things and colorful colors.She a BIELIBER and wants to be justin wife (that is not me)
Больше года moeShana said…
my characters are:
Lena: Lena is a cute girl who loves the nature <3 she loves to care about flowers and stuff like that xD
calotta: she sells everything she can sell because she loves money >.< with her i make all my money... xD
Nicole: nicole is a very intelligent girl. she loves her neighbors <3
I know, the names are really unoriginal, but i like that names... <3

i love animal crossing (wildworld xD)
Больше года millielimegreen said…
mime are Millie that's me with pink hair with three pigtails theres Kelly who loves designing with rose cheeks Tasha with a vidal veil with glasses and gingery brown hair and theres Molly with a green tie dye who always gets stung!
Больше года sadiebug48 said…
I have Sadie (Me!). She is a very smart, pretty, strong, faithful, and independent girl. She likes to put others first and she is an author. She sends a lot of words of wisdom to all. She is also the mayor of Salem, so everyone looks up to her. She loves to keep her hair up, and she loves wearing it in a bun. She wears glasses (Unlike me. It makes her eyes better-looking to me and not so wide-open) in all different colors. She likes all animals, especially baby animals, mammals, and reptiles. Her favorite colors are camo, all shades of green, dirty pink, and neon. All the boys have a crush on her, but the boy who she loved moved away, shattering her heart. She's also very courageous and strong mentally, for she had to put up with many sorrows and tragedies in her old town, Belgrade. In Salem, she feels like she can let herself truly shine. She loves History, Language, drawing, and she is trying to learn French. Her friend, Graham, calls her Mon Amie, which is where she learned her first French word. She is very funny, and loves to laugh. Even though the animation doesn't show it, she has breasts. She loves to have white hair, which makes people think of her as very odd. She loves the outdoors, and she tries to make her town outdoorsy, just like her! She loves all the seasons, Spring and Fall the most, and she tries to be as outdoorsy as possible. She is very musical, and even though it isn't in her house, she plays clarinet, as well as violin, which is shown. She likes dance-centric furniture, for she is very active. She also loves cooking, reading, sketching, and going to K.K. Nights. Her favorite kinds of animals are cats. Although, sometimes she loves nothing more than to climb up into the branches of the tree it Town Plaza, crack a soda, and relax. She hates paying her bills to Tom Nook, though, but she's working to get the Café, a library, an arcade (for she's a gamer), and an upstairs bedroom, not to mention all her other goals. She hates to be late, and feels it best to be right on time. She wishes that her boyfriend, Nate, from Belgrade, comes to move to her town. She has a very optimistic personality, but she has quite a bit of sarcasm, a strange sense of humor, and a somewhat dark inside. Yet she never lets her darkness show... at least, not outside... she acts exactly like me, too! She believes in angels and Heaven. She has a bible in her house, marked with a 4-leaf clover. Her secret crush is none other than K.K. Sliders himself!
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